RF’s picks for Cosplays that stood out during APCC 2018

Written by Louis

August 1, 2018

A Comic Con aint’ a Comic Con without some cosplays, and boy were there a lot during APCC Manila 2018

A convention floor will always be a place of wonder and amazement especially in the Philippines’ local convention scene with tens if not hundreds of Cosplayers strutting their stuff on the show floor, grabbing the attention of attendees inside and outside the Convention halls.

Being the biggest of its kind here in the country, APCC 2018 will obviously be a “must go” destination for local cosplayers, with different fandoms converging under the roof of the SMX Convention Center, all to celebrate the glory of Pop Culture. It’s not just about the Celebrities and the Merchandise, it’s also a display of creativity, with various shapes and sizes as cosplayers and cosplay groups meet-up, show their stuff and enjoy the good times. While there surely are a lot of cosplayers at Asia Pop Comic Con Manila this year (as always, duh) there were the interesting few that caught our lenses as they really stood out among the rest.

Note that we’re not just looking into creativity here, but also the uniqueness of choice.

An unlikely couple, Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong


I am Galactus!

The devourer of worlds takes a break from his usual galactic conquest to enjoy the Philippines’ biggest pop culture convention.


That’s a good (Bloodborne) hunter

You know, we’re just glad that none of those horrible Lovecraftian abominations followed this guy around at APCC, OR WERE’NT THEY?


The Demon King, Finn Balor!



Well there’s your (Twilight) Princess


Tis but a scratch


Yuna and Rikku, Sphere Hunters


Just in case your forget that Spiderman had a mecha

Yes, Spiderman had a robot of his own, and he was called Leopardon, and was piloted by Takuya Yamashiro of the Japanese tokusatsu-themed Spider-Man series.


Tale as old as time.

Seeing Disney cosplay is always refreshing, and truth be told there was actually a group of prince and princesses that walked inside the convention halls, it was just sad that we weren’t able to get a full shot of them.


Of course, you use the Dinglehopper to fix your hair.


Mister, I’ll make a man out of you.


Casual Anime Shounen Protagonist

Now this one really stood out among the crowd at APCC 2018 with its fine choice of cosplay concept, all being carried by the cosplayer so naturally, it’s as if the character itself is alive, and almost as if it’s own original theme. Too bad we were not able to get more shots, just this mere stolen one although we believe that this candid approach help boost the overall persona or this casual looking Shounen protag.




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