Monster Hunter World: Dealing with Behemoth

Written by Allen

August 5, 2018

The editor asked to add some more info to this article after it was posted re: enmity and a sample party composition*

Capcom and Square-Enix’s tie up has lead to an exchange of monsters, with Rathalos visiting FF14 and Behemoth taking a gander at Monster Hunter World. Now if you’re familiar with our team you’d know that we play a lot of Monster Hunter, and what we saw was a lot of players getting bodied by the swole bull of badassery, ourselves included. It indeed took a couple of well-planned attempts to finally take him down. So is this a classic case of git-gud? Let’s break it down.

The Issue:

  • Behemoth is killing us too much


General Reasons:

  • You don’t recognize the ‘tell’ before the attack
  • People don’t care about Charybdis (the tornado) if it’s not aimed at them
  • You get focused by Behemoth and end up waiting to be carted
  • Some rules are different for Behemoth




Generally in MHW you can win against a monster even if all four of you go on an offensive build. What we found to work the best in Behemoth’s case is to have a diverse party, each with specific roles to fill, much like a party might look like in FF14. It’s going to look something like this:

Tank/Frontline, Nuker/Damage Dealer, Healer/Support, Support/Damage Hybrid

We generally agree that the party will at least need a tank and a healer. You’re probably going to be able to play things by ear from this point. However, remember the following:



  1. Divided We Stand – Don’t bunch up and all get caught up in one attack, spread out so that it’s easy for party mates to recover and Behemoth needs more time to target its attacks as it generally rotates targets between attacks.
  2. Chase the Charybdis Away – While you can use flash bombs to cancel the Charybdis cast, it’s generally better to just lead it to the edge of the map so that your team has more time attacking Behemoth, if you can’t do that, consider using the flash bomb. Having one or two in the middle of the map can really ruin your positioning.
  3. Comet me, Meteor! – Position yourself close enough to comet boulders that end up stuck on the map during comet spells, you have to hide behind them to survive the Ecliptic Meteor. Or if you dare, use the dragoon jump emote if you can time it right.
  4. Temporal Tantrums – Everyone should probably carry a temporal mantle, as it’s the best way to handle Behemoth’s enmity status on you. It’s possible to survive without it but you don’t have to make an already difficult fight harder.
  5. It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! – As Behemoth progresses through it’s stages, the attacks get faster and become more relentless, losing somebody along the latter half spells danger for the remaining party as there are fewer hunters for this black bull to switch between. Make it a point to survive.
  6. Sleep is for the Weak – Behemoth’s final stage is the most difficult to manage, luckily it’s quite susceptible to status, sleep and paralysis is extremely useful to deal a lot of damage safely.
  7. The Enmity of my Enemy is my Friend – Everyone gains Behemoth’s ‘hate’ (aka: enmity) as you damage it. You gain it a lot faster by hitting it’s head (good luck), once it’s full it’ll turn red and charge at you mercilessly. You’ll want to do this because not only does it make the attacks more predictable but the Behemoth also gets more vulnerable while it’s active.

Necessary Items

Behemoth Fight Analysis

Stage 1

Major Objective: Drop the stalactite rocks on it if you can. 1750 damage per hit.

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Major Objective: Make use of Status Effects to stop it and make use of Barrel Bombs.

Here’s how one of our hunts went, carted twice because our GS user was really unlucky, and did a bunch of Jump attempts.

Git gud, good luck, happy hunting!

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