Eight Games will be featured for Tokyo Game Show 2018’s Esports X

Written by Chad

September 12, 2018

E-Sports has been gaining an increasing attention along with large scale competitions held across the world. It has established itself as the new game culture suited to competitive meets. TGS has organized the eSports competitions as the featured events since 2012. On its 7th anniversary, e-Sports X will be held as the featured event by Japan esports Union (JeSU) founded in February 2018. Two special stages, [BLUE STAGE] and [RED STAGE], will be built and each stage carries approx. 600 seats. Popular category of eSports like a beat ’em up game or First Person Shooting (FPS), plus a wide range of competitions enjoyable for kids and adults on the smartphone games will be held on the stages.


PUZZLE & DRAGONS – September 22

The first PAD CHAMPIONS CUP is decided to be held! 9 PAD pro-gamers are participating this championship. In the final match, 3 pro-gamers who have got through the preliminaries held on August 18th and the winner of the consolation match held at the GungHo Booth on the day of the final will compete for a prize of 10 million yen.

PuyoPuyo – September 23

PuyoPuyo Championship in TGS2018 is the pro tournament of “PuyoPuyo,” the puzzle gaming by the players with JeSU Pro Gamer license. The winner will win the prize money of a million yen. The match style is a single-elimination tournament and each match consists of three sets. The player who takes two games will win a set and the first person to take two sets will be the winner.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PS4) – September 23

“Pro Evolution Soccer 2019(Winning Eleven 2019)” released on August 30th will be played for the first CO-OP tournament of “Pro Evolution Soccer 2019”! 16 pro-license holders will be split into teams and play a game by the CO-OP mode. The winner of the past media competition and the championship team for the pre-event of the National Sports Festival Ibaraki 2019 will join this tournament.


Fortnite – September 22

At the FORTNITE Stage, a Battle Royale competition will happen where visitors can join. Squad up with the celebrity players and earn the ultimate Victory Royale at the stage of TGS 2018

Call of Duty: WWII – September 22

The two teams have won the victory over the half-year of league match and go head-to-head to determine the best team in Japan. This is the final game attracting the attention of gamers. The winner will get the honor of the strongest professional team and the award 8 million yen prize.

Dragon Ball FighterZ – September 22

The tournament to determine the best fighter of all Dragon Ball FighterZ will start. A maximum of 128 players will compete for the championship in the “Tenkaichi Budokai,” the official tournament of the PS4 game Dragon Ball FighterZ!

Tekken 7 – September 23

9 players with pro license of TEKKEN 7 will clash in the championship to vie for the title of All-Japan. The prize-winners of this championship will participate in the up-coming events: World Championship 2018 at Kaohsiung and the “Japan and Saudi Arabia eSports Match”.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – September 23

In the “CAPCOM Pro Tour,” the worldwide top players will battle through a yearlong tournament to No. 1 position! The premier competition joined by the elites of top players will be finally held at TGS 2018! Top 8 participants beaten the qualifying rounds on September 22nd will compete in this final tournament.

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