Check out the Indie Games Featured at Tokyo Game Show 2018

Written by Chad

September 13, 2018

Tokyo Game Show’s Indie Game Area (Type A) is an exhibition area for independent game developers across the world, regardless of their status as professionals or amateurs, corporations or individuals, and their nationalities. This year, 295 developers applied for this area from every corner of the world. After the selection process, 86 independent game developers from 22 countries/regions were carefully selected as exhibitors. The area features original Indie titles that provide fresh game experiences.

As game’s distribution forms change, indie games are stirring up a global movement. The Indie Game Area welcomes its 6th year and have expanded the number of booths from 64 to 86. After the serious selection, independent game developers from 22 countries/regions were selected as exhibitors of “Indie Game Area.” In addition, the total number of exhibitors has reached a record 154 individuals and organizations when combined with the number of corporate exhibitors. Independent game developers around the world, regardless of them being professionals/amateurs and corporations/individuals, will exhibit their original titles.

Name of exhibitors Country/Region
7Holy Sweden
ADVangelist Japan
Alex Rose UK
Ars Edutainment Japan
Baroque Decay Hong Kong
Cardboard Sword UK
chosuido Japan
Chryse Hong Kong
Dead Mage USA
Digital Dominion USA
Dotoyou Games China
DPIQ Games Japan
eh Japan
Electronic Motion Games France
emergeWorlds Australia
EnjoyPlay Japan
Feelin Games Japan
Fiery Squirrel Japan
fla Game Studio Taiwan
Gamestry Lab Hong Kong
Gamtropy Studio Taiwan
Gin Japan
GoToSeven Japan
Gregory Kogos Germany
hako life Japan
Home Bear Studio Hong Kong
jitensyasougyou Japan
Joel Hamon Brazil
Juggler Games Poland
Kraken Romania
KSYM Japan
LABSWorks Japan
Longbow Games Canada
Mad Gear Games Spain
masaru tomiyama Japan
Matthew Keff USA
Miniature Game Studio Iran
MonsterScope Studios Australia
Morphon Japan
Musekinin Shoukai Japan
Niebla Games Chile
Nishikinohojo / Hojo Games Japan
noname studio Japan
Octosoft USA
ozumikan Japan
Palladium Soft Japan
Petit Depotto Japan
PhantomIsland Japan
Pon Pon Games Japan
Production Exabilities Japan
Project ICKX Japan
Protoculture Games Japan
Rabbit Soft Worker’s Japan
Re:Arium Japan
Richie’s Plank Experience Australia
Sapporogeme Seisakusya Japan
Secret Exit Japan
SleepingMuseum Japan
Spree Entertainment Australia
Squeaky Wheel Studio Philippines
Studio Stobie Japan
Sunhead Games Taiwan
Takahiro Miyazawa Japan
TeamOrigami Japan
Teknopilot Norway
The Voxel Agents Australia
Toii USA
Tsuguriya Japan
ukn Japan
veryOK Japan
Wataru Nakano Japan
Wildman Japan
Yozawiza production team Japan

Sense of Wonder

Sense of Wonder Night (SOWN) casts a spotlight on game developers to discover game ideas that make everyone feel a sense of surprise that their world changed at the moment they saw or heard the concept—in other words, “a sense of wonder”—and give developers an opportunity to present their work at the TOKYO GAME SHOW.

The aim of SOWN is to call for new game ideas that will catch people by surprise and give them a “Sense of Wonder”- a sense that something will change in their world – right at the instant of first seeing or hearing about the concept. Entering its 11st year, SOWN 2018 will feature presentations by 8 finalists from 4 countries, chosen from among the 86 developers exhibiting in the Indie Game Area (Type A).

Title Presenter Country/Region
RPG TIME: The Legend of Wright DESK WORKS Japan
Block King Gin Japan
RotoRing Gregory Kogos Germany
The Inner Friend PLAYMIND Canada
Richie’s Plank Experience Richie’s Plank Experience Australia
Zen Bound 2 Secret Exit Japan
KAMIORI TeamOrigami Japan
The Gardens Between The Voxel Agents Australia



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