Cytus α is Heading to the Nintendo Switch

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September 13, 2018

It has been almost seven years since Rayark Inc. released its first game. Rayark announced that the music rhythm game Cytus will be ported to the Nintendo Switch under the new title Cytus α. The game will be published by Japanese company Flyhigh Works. Players around the world will be able to witness the game’s new style, as a playable demo will be available at Tokyo Game Show 2018.

Cytus α will be a complete port of Cytus‘s story settings and classic gameplay. In addition, Cytus α will further polish the visuals, user interface and story presentation of the original and remake it into a brand-new console title for the Nintendo Switch.

According to Cytus α producer Hsiang Chang (GuluJam), “As Rayark’s very first game, Cytus set the foundation for Rayark rhythm games. We hope that this remake can bring more exquisite and fantastic visual style. We want players to feel as if they are playing a brand-new game.”

In the Tokyo Game Show demo version, players will be able to witness the fresh new look of Cytus. In the gameplay demo, feel the sensation of a classic presented in a brand-new style. At the same time, players can also experience several classic Cytus songs in Cytus α‘s game visuals, including HOLY KNIGHT, Sacred, Green Eye, and more.

The team even hinted that when Cytus α is released, it will contain gameplay elements unique to the Nintendo Switch, as well as exclusive songs. Player interaction elements will be added as well.

Players can visit Flyhigh Works’ booth at Tokyo Game Show 2018 (Booth no. Hall 8-N06) from September 20th to September 23rd to play the demo.


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