GAMEVIL launches TALION Mobile MMORPG in South East Asia regions

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September 19, 2018

GAMEVIL has announced that TALION, highly anticipated global MMORPG, will be launched in South East Asia market.

GAMEVIL plans to introduce TALION in SEA countries first, according to their strategic choice among global markets and then release TALION sequentially in each country.

TALION, highly expected even before its release, is a major game that GAMEVIL has been mainly focusing on, which is almost blockbuster class mobile game. TALION took the spotlight as excellent graphics, 360-degree free viewpoint control with Full 3D and RvR specialized huge scale of mobile MMORPG.

TALION is considered to be GAMEVIL’s best ultimate MMORPG developed using the latest version of Unity engine, which makes the game more realistic with dramatic effects as in movies. Accordingly, users are expecting to experience the charm of wide open field that they experienced through PC online MMORPG before. From the character creation to the battles, the RvR contents are packed with various strategy-rich modes to ensure that players will never get bored. For anyone who are looking for a promising MMORPG, TALION will not make you disappointed.

This game is a global targeting MMORPG which is run by GAMEVIL AND UTPLUS together. In addition to its performance in SEA countries, it is expected that its performance in the global market will be successful.

Attention is focusing on how much success TALION will be achieved since the game is their long-awaited mobile game.

Download link for both Android and iOS:

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