Rules of Survival will provide aid for Typhoon Ompong Victims

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September 22, 2018

When the Typhoon Ompong smashed into Philippines, the fate of victims seriously affects people’s heart. A variety of organizations have taken a prompt action to express their sympathy to the disaster area. Among them, the hottest online game on the ground Rules of Survival (RoS) is also showing its concern at this moment.

With a massive of loyal players both on PC and mobile in the Philippines, Rules of Survival has been considered dominating the online game market for a while. Behind the huge success, the online game giant reacted swiftly to the disaster. After the very first heart-stirring post “Survivors fight. We got your back” on social media platform, the team continued implementing a series of actions to encourage their Philippine players.

On each of the following 15 days, every player who has registered in Asia server before Sep 19th can claim 50 diamonds compensation in game. In addition to such an ordinary reward, the game offers an exclusive item “Wayne – Love” for 1 week only. All incomes from the sale of this item will be donated to Red Cross. Especially, the donation will be under the name of players who purchase this clothing. Their name will be released on the game forum and official website.

As the most popular battle royale game with a broad user base in the Philippines, Rules of Survival has gained a huge success in the past year. By featuring a bunch of innovative functions such as FPS mode, death racing mode and more, Rules of Survival has accrued more than 200 million downloads worldwide.

Rules of Survival maintains its own humanity while bringing players more surprises.

Around late October, Rules of Survival will launch its new version RoS Ultra. Based on the original content, the updated version applies various innovative techniques such as physically-based rendering and real-time shadow to achieve a more realistic physical simulations, and finally present the scene in a 4k movie quality. This will definitely be an advance that every player excites.

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