Check Out the Mega Man 30th Anniversary Gallery at Tokyo Game Show 2018

See all of the collectibles and merchandise in a museum-styled gallery from our favorite Blue Bomber.

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Mega Man (Rockman in Japan), Capcom prepared a special museum inside Tokyo Game Show 2018. Here, fans can get to see the evolution of the Mega Man franchise from its first debut all the way up to the upcoming Mega Man 11 game.

You can get to see some of the merchandise of special events such as the Rockman Unite 30th Anniversary Festival and the 30th Anniversary Live Concert.

There are also different collectibles featured for the 3oth Anniversary, ranging from collectible figures and figurines, key chains, trading cards, pins, shirts, soundtracks, sneakers and even a mountain bike. Plus, fans can get to see the Collector’s Edition of Mega Man 11 along with the exclusive Mega Man 11 Amiibo figure.

Completing the tour will let you take home a special booklet containing some cool factoids about the Mega Man franchise and a Mega Buster cardboard. You can also try out Mega Man 11 beside the gallery where you can get free special Mega Man 11 clear files upon completing the demo.

The Tokyo Game Show 2018 happened on Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan last September 20 to 23, 2018

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