Hardware Brands Still Make a Big Presence at Tokyo Game Show 2018

Written by Chad

October 2, 2018

With a lot of great games to try, it is also better to check out new hardware that you can invest for the upcoming gaming titles.

We usually see the game developers and publishers making a big spotlight in every Tokyo Game Show, but the big names in the gaming hardware aren’t letting themselves miss the big opportunity to showcase their latest line of products. So it is not a surprise to see some hardware brands gracing big epic booths in TGS, and this year, we saw some awesome ones.

PC Hardware giants MSI, HP, Samsung, Galax and Lenovo graced Tokyo Game Show 2018 with their massive booths filled with playable units that featured their latest PC components and laptops that demonstrated some of the anticipated games at the convention.

Then there are also the major players in the gaming peripheral scene from the likes of Corsair, HyperX and Cooler Master with their top of the line gaming keyboards, mouse, headset, PC casing and gamepads. And the best ones come with RGB lighting for that premium gaming look.

There are also some line of gaming furniture to give players more comfort for their long session of gaming. Brands like Bauhutte, DX Racing , AK Racing and EwinRAcing optimizing your gaming chair solution as well as different choice for gaming-oriented desks that will suit your gaming lifestyle and home space.

And then there are the niche brands that cater to certain target market. Brands like Brook that provides converter solutions to your favorite fight sticks and game pads fthat lets you play on the latest gaming consoles. Varmilo providing enthusiast level of mechanical keyboards that may lack special features of gaming peripherals, but still provide great quality and personalized design to suit certain users. Then there’s YesOJO that focuses on providing unique accessories for the Nintendo Switch, including a bluetooth speaker and portable projector.

Hopefully more gaming hardware brands would participate in gaming conventions like the Tokyo Game Show where they can tap to the larger gaming market and could expect to see more to join up for next year.


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