Summoners War Held an Epic Global Esports Festival

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October 18, 2018

Com2uS has successfully held its global eSports festival Summoners War World Arena Championship 2018 finals on October 13 in Seoul, South Korea.

SWC 2018, which began its journey from July, held a total of 3 cups (Americas Cup, Europe Cup, and Asia-Pacific Cup). From these cups, 8 players advanced and competed in the World Finals. As the final was a stage where players compete each other to become the best Summoner of all, a lot of Summoners War users from all over the world showed great interest.

On the day of the event, many audiences visited the venue in early morning, creating a long waiting line. In addition, overseas audiences and influencers from various regions have also visited Korea to watch the world finals. More than 1,300 audiences have gather at the venue and filled the main stadium and secondary spectator seats.

The heat of the scene continued online. Com2uS has broadcasted the SWC 2018 world finals live online via Summoners War official YouTube channel, Twitch and other online media. The tournament was broadcasted in 13 language including Korean, English, Japanese, Chinses, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. More than 100,000 online concurrent viewers were surpassed, proving the popularity of the game and the event.

SWC 2018 world finals was filled with exciting events for the users visiting the venue. An AR photo booth was installed where audiences can take a picture and summon a monster at the lobby. In addition, gift draw, attribute dice game, QR event and other events where various goods were given as rewards were also held. Moreover, costume players were placed in the venue, and a huge diorama that symbolizes the monster summoning scene was displayed.

SWC 2018 world finals continued for about 6 hours in a total of eight round of single tournament. After intense competition among the players representing each region, Korean player “Beat.D” and Hong Kong player “L.A.M.A”, the player who was mentioned as to be strong candidate as the winner, competed in the final. As a result, Beat.D won three consecutive games, claiming victory against L.A.M.A and become the champion of this year’s championship. Beat.D has won $30,000 USD prize with the title.

Before the tournament, an event battle between Korean guild “Barcode” and USA guild “Say Swag Again” was held with Say Swag Again winning with 3 victories. This event battle also received a lot of interest from the audiences, proving the fun of eSports.

Com2uS said that “We’re making a new game culture that is beyond the competition with this year’s Summoners War eSports festival” and that “we plan to further expand the eSports festival where users from all over the world can enjoy from both online and offline.”

SWC 2018 World Finals and previous matches are available at the official Summoners War eSports YouTube Channel

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