Game Review Scoring Update

Written by Allen

October 29, 2018

After discussing the matter internally, our team has decided to change how we tier our ratings for game reviews. Generally because people don’t think I generally like a game if the rating is anywhere below 3.5 and only recommend it rated above 4.0.

We’ve decided to update it to system that many would recognize, matches the grading usually associated with schools. That way the frame of reference doesn’t need too much of an adjustment.


Old Scoring System

1.5 or less – needs improvement
2.0-2.4 – below average
2.5-2.9 – average
3.0-3.4 – above average
3.5-3.9 – commendable
4.0-4.4 – great
4.5-5.0 – awesome

Passing Grade: 50%


1.9 or less – needs improvement
2.0-2.5 poor
2.6-3.0 so-so
3.1-3.5 average
3.6-4.0 okay
4.1-4.5 great
4.6-5.0 awesome

Passing Grade: 70%


We will also be scoring all areas with 0.1 intervals instead of 0.5. This is to give a better gradient of scoring between games and avoid games of different quality to be lumped together around the same score.

This new scoring system will be first applied to our review of Shadow of the Tomb Raider!

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