Sdorica -sunset-‘s first collaboration with DEEMO

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November 8, 2018

Rayark’s title Sdorica -sunset- will be having its first collaboration with another Rayark title, the music rhythm game DEEMO. The event is scheduled to start today (7th) and last till December 5th. Players will be able to play as the DEEMO characters “Alice”, “Deemo” and “Masked Girl” go on a fantasy adventure together with them.

DEEMO has amassed over 21 million downloads worldwide across multiple gaming platforms. The game is approaching its 5th anniversary since its release. To add more to the game and reward fans of the two games, the team has planned a collaboration event that will last for almost a month.

In the event, besides recreating DEEMO‘s classic scenery and songs in Sdorica -sunset-‘s style, players can also discover other DEEMO elements like trees, pianos and hourglasses during gameplay.

Sdorica -sunset- X DEEMO event storyline preview:

The tree in DEEMO‘s world fell through a time warp and landed on continent Vendacti. Mysterious guests summoned by Theodore’s experimental magic circle: Alice, Deemo and Masked Girl, also came to the world of Sdorica.
Streams of crazed piano music erupted from the monster-infested treehouse. Will Alice find her way back home this time?

In the first week of the collab event, the story quests will be available. Players will need to collect the special item “Sheets” to obtain the event-only free character “Alice”. In the story with hints of fantasy, players can also experience the distinct personalities of the DEEMO main cast as players accompany Alice throughout her journey in the world of Sdorica -sunset-.

On the 9th, the “Melody Infuse” event will also be launched. Through the Infuse, players will be able to obtain the limited-time characters “Deemo” and “Masked Girl”. Experience the collab characters’ features and combat mechanics in Sdorica -sunset-.

As the collab event progresses, the game will release more quests to pair with the brand-new exploration system. Players can collect the special material “Treasured Sheets” to exchange for the rewards. The exploration system will connect different game sceneries via branched path into one big area. This system introduces the classic puzzle-solving and exploration elements of DEEMO into Sdorica to bring more fun to the gameplay.

Meanwhile, the team also released the [Mirai Hide-and-seek] series missions. During the collab event, players can search for the toy cat Mirai’s bells in the event quests to complete the missions and obtain the Mirai icon. From the 15th to the 22nd, players can also login to the game to receive a reward of 100 Crystallines every day.

To celebrate the collab event, Rayark Inc. has been holding several offline events in multiple locations and invite fans of the two games to participate. From the 6th to the 12th, we will be hosting a pop-up store at nicocafe in Tokyo, Japan, with “Sdorica X DEEMO” themed menu items and merchandise. On the 10th, there is also the “Notes from the sky” team puzzle-solving event at VOEZ Café in Taipei, as well as the in-depth fan meeting “Rayark only – The colorful movement” in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.

In addition to the collab event, the game itself also continues to release limited-time events. The first wave of “Contract Crafting” events will be available from November 7th ~ December 12th. Players can use Origin Stones to craft Angelia SP, Yamitsuki SP, Lisa, and other rare characters.



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