MUSTGAMES introduces the Sci-Fi MMO strategy mobile game Rogue Universe

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November 14, 2018

MUSTGAMES Co., Ltd., a Korean developer and publisher of strategy games, has announced its new mobile Sci-Fi strategy mobile game, Rogue Universe.

The winner of the “Unreal Engine Dev Grant” in January 2018, MUSTGAMES Co., Ltd., has revealed information about its new mobile space strategy game, Rogue Universe. Players will meet a vibrant comic-style storyline and engage in galactic battles while venturing through the universe and building up their fleet and crew.

Set in the ‘universe year’ 1983, a new era of interdimensional travel has become a reality. Advances in technology have further advanced civilization, but this has also brought conflict between the worlds. In a universe that is controlled by three powerful factions, players experience an immersive comic atmosphere where they venture freely through deep space while allying with and fighting other players to ultimately conquer the galaxy.

In Rogue Universe, players can choose from over 10 unique characters to form their crew and are able to recruit more as the game progresses. Starting with their mothership, more than 20 different ships and bases are available to build up and customize an impressive fleet that allows players to explore the depths of the universe, gather resources, and fight or defend their bases against other players.

Rogue Universe features an extensive mission mode where players can tackle missions with or against the three powerful factions; the U.N.S., Black Flag, or Zurich Bank. The vast universe also presents various challenging in-game PvP and PvE modes where players can test their fighting skills or even hunt down other players. Aside from these single-player operations, players can also join or create guilds, form alliances with countless users in this MMO, and go into battle alongside their allies.

Unlike other mobile space strategy games, Rogue Universe is played in portrait mode to give users the ability to play with one hand while maintaining easy access to all buttons. The intuitive gameplay is complemented by high quality graphics, impressive cut scenes and unique comic-style characters that will transport players immediately into an immersive mobile strategy game set in space.

Rogue Universe is now available for free download on Google Play and the App Store in Canada, but the international players can be reassured as the global release is scheduled for the first quarter 2019.

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