Taiwan Indie Teams Took Southeastern Asian Game Shows by Storm

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November 16, 2018

Taipei Game Show once again led Taiwan indie teams overseas to showcase in GameStart Asia, Singapore and E-Sport and Gaming Summit (ESGS), Philippines to improving the visibility of indie games from Taiwan. Besides actively interacting with foreign business buyers and other developers, we also received valuable game-development feedback from local media.

Taiwan Dating Sim Steals the Hearts of Female Players at GameStart Asia

GameStart Asia 2018 took place on Oct. 13 and 14 at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre. This year a total of 49 companies showcased excellent content, featuring new titles, indie games, eSports tournaments and Cosplay. Dreams Awake, a newcomer to overseas exhibiting, brought their dating sim “The Princess from the Future” with six main storylines and more than 10 different endings successfully captured the hearts of female players. The developers looked forward to releasing the game in English and Japanese to reach more international players. HayatoWorks’ “Combine War Toys” also intrigued many Southeastern Asian players and developers by interacting with gamers and other developers, which we were able to learn more about what local players expect from indie games.


ESGS 2018 Taiwan Indie Game with Japanese-Style Steals the Spotlight

The biggest gaming event in the Philippines, ESGS 2018 was held from Oct. 26 to 28 at SMX Convention Center in Manila. The show featured active involvement from Taiwanese companies ASUS, HyperX, MSI Gaming, Predator, etc. Liao Shih-hsien, the representative of Erotes Stuido, showcased “The White Butcher” there, said that Japanese-anime-style art combined with history and political issues was a hot topic there. Many members of the media also suggested that if Erotes Studio plans to publish in Southeastern Asia, they should include even more historical and cultural elements.

In order to looking for more indie teams from the worldwide, the registration for Indie Game Festa (Jan. 24-25) and Indie House (Jan. 26-28) of Taipei Game Show 2019 is now available for all international indie teams!


2018 GameStart, Singapore-Taiwan Indie Teams

Team Game Platform Introduction


“Combine War Toys” SteamVR


(Oculus Rift)

This is a Strategy-base game about toys fighting on the table. Using your hands, combining parts on the workspace to build complete toys, and then throw them into the war. There are many kinds of toys and each of them has different abilities. Throw them in the best way, defense our headquarters and destroy enemy force to win the war.

【Game Trailer】



“The Princess From the Future” Mobile

(ios, Android)

“The Princess From the Future” is an original adventure Games (AVG) for girls. The game includes various storylines, battle system, avatar system. The story is about a 17-year-old high school girl who enter the another world accidentally, meeting the several men and begin a fantastic journey. 【Game Trailer】


2018 ESGS, Philippines-Taiwan Indie Team

Team Game Platform Introduction
Erotes Studio “The White Butcher” Mobile (Android) Erotes Studio, the visual novel develop team from Taiwan, after publishing the visual novel “Blue Blood Lagoon”, Erotes Studio will publish a brand-new adventure game “The White Butcher”, player will playing an official in authoritarian rule government, and player can decide the “criminals” live and death.
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