DEEMO Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

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November 19, 2018

Rayark’s music rhythm game title DEEMO has reached its 5th anniversary. To celebrate, the game updates to Ver3.3 today (16th) on both the iOS and Android platforms. This update adds 18 new songs, including free songs from the collab with Sdorica -sunset-, as well as three paid DLC song packs, each with different features.

After the update, players can experience two songs from the game Sdorica -sunset- in the「Collaboration collection」for free. These two songs are the game’s main theme〈Sdorica -The Story Unfolds-〉and the game’s battle theme〈Hesitant Blade〉. The team hopes that through DEEMO, players can enjoy Sdorica‘s music through a different gameplay.

Combination of music styles bring new challenges
            To celebrate DEEMO’s 5th anniversary, in addition to the free songs, Ver3.3 also saw the inclusion of three brand-new song packs. Each song pack contains the work from several well-known composers.

AD Piano Collection 2

Following the「AD Piano Collection」song pack, the game released「AD Piano Collection 2」in this update. This pack contains the works of BlackY, Yuni Minami and three other famous composers. The song〈Longinus〉, composed by xi, has a BPM of 212, providing a brand-new challenge for music game players who are looking for high difficulty songs.

Team Grimoire Collection

            The game also included the first song pack for the composer Team Grimoire. With their Middle Ages-style piano melodies, they bring a unique atmosphere to DEEMO. Of the songs, the pure piano track〈Librum clausi〉stands out. The charts for this song are designed to simulate the left-and-right hand movements of playing the piano to provide players with an immersive experience of performing.

Vocal Selections

In the new song pack「Vocal Selections」, we’ve included songs composed by Tsukasa, onoken and three other musicians that feature human vocals. One of the songs included is the track〈Ukakuf Kins〉, a collaborative effort between acclaimed composer t+pazolite and female singer Nanahira (ななひら).

The production team would like to thank all players for accompanying DEEMO in the last five years. The team also hope that while players are enjoying the wide variety of songs, they can spare a little time to wish DEEMO a happy 5th birthday.

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