Cubinet Unveils Newest Mobile MMORPG – MIA Online

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November 26, 2018


CUBINET unveiled the next game in their publishing line up titled “MIA ONLINE”, a 3D OPEN WORLD ACTION MMORPG in a Global Launch.  MIA ONLINE players will be able to battle it out cross-platform on Android and iOS at first, followed by its PC release.

The Global Launch held in both Philippines and Malaysia was hugely successful. Multiple VIPs in the gaming industry participated in both Launches. In the Philippines, several influencers, game streamers, cosplayers and guild leaders attended the event. The event also revealed popular actress and cosplayer Myrtle Sarrosa as MIA ONLINE’s Ambassador. In Malaysia, Grand Tournaments were held with the participation of international players and popular cosplayers.

During both Events, Attendees were able to get an exclusive first look at the MIA ONLINE CG Trailer.

Several frequently asked questions were discussed about MIA ONLINE.

“What separates MIA ONLINE apart from other MMORPGS is the combination of its features. You have Flying Mounts, Ring and Merge Systems. Best of all, is the Community and Competitive features are strong. We are very excited about NATION WAR.”  Says Louise Cachuela, Product Manager of MIA ONLINE.

Six character classes, mostly non-gender locked will be available in MIA ONLINE which are the Paladin, Ranger, Mystic, Assassin, Melodist and Berserker, all with non-linear development and customization. MIA ONLINE introduces a variety of in-game features that will keep players hooked in game.

Multiple scale PvP Systems are one of the main highlights of MIA ONLINE—players can choose to battle with other players using the following  features such as 1 versus 1 Skyladder  Feature, 3 versus 3 Arena feature, 10 versus 10 Battlefield Feature  and in the grandest battle of it all – the Nation War.

Those eager to join battle are encouraged to visit to pre-register for special rewards and be among the first to experience MIA ONLINE.

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