The strategy RPG Soul Seeker: Six Knights is now available worldwide

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November 26, 2018

Clegames Inc released today their new strategic RPG mobile game, Soul Seeker: Six Knights worldwide.

Soul Seeker: Six Knights, the sequel to the already famous anime RPG mobile game Soul Seeker, is ready to take over the world with its cute, yet charismatic, characters. The players will enjoy a new dynamic gameplay focused on action and strategy for even more thrilling battles.

The back story is set up on the continent of Hermes, devastated by an ancient war between the gods. The players, as part of the Albion Knights, have the duty to protect Hermes and prevent any of the five rival knight orders to find the Soul Stones. The players will embark in an incredible adventure through the lands of Hermes to find the Soul Stones and bring them back safely to the Kingdom.

Soul Seeker: Six Knights presents a large selection of unique heroes with exclusive characteristics. The players can collect more than a hundred characters and choose 6 of them, 3 main and 3 support heroes, to create the best combat team and defeat their enemies. Each hero now has a specific elemental attribute among Fire, Water, Air, Darkness and Light, to be tactically used against enemies of opposite attribute. Players are also able to bind 2 to 3 heroes together to reinforce their skills and unlock special buffs.

Furthermore, Soul Seeker: Six Knights will introduce the players to Irene, a new SSR fighter hero who will be available in both light or water element with powerful synergies for each of them. Offering the strengths of her given elemental attribute, her attack speed will also increase continuously as she fights and uses her skills. She will be an incredible asset to the players’ team as she inflicts high damage without any chance of counterattack from her opponent.

The interface and gameplay of Soul Seeker: Six Knights has been improved to enable the players to have full control over their battles. The touch-and-drag system enables to position a hero on the map but also target a specific enemy to attack. Then, the players can use the tag system to summon their support heroes to fight when a strategic move is needed. And while the whole gameplay is highly emphasizing on tactics, the high-quality 3D graphics will immerse the players into every battle.

The diversity of the game modes in Soul Seeker: Six Knights will keep the players busy and give them access to a multitude of different rewards. They will go on an adventure with the Albion Knights around Hermes on the Story mode or will fight dangerous monsters and bosses during extreme raids in the various PvE dungeons. And for even more challenges, players will be able to confront each other’s team in intense PvP arenas. Each mode brings its lot of precious and rare rewards for the victorious team to collect.

Soul Seeker: Six Knights is now available worldwide in 5 different languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai. Two servers – Asia and Global servers are opened for the players to freely select the server of their choice. Interested gamers can find the game for free download in the App Store and Google Play.

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