Dragon Blaze season 6 Update Starting Pre-registration

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December 1, 2018

Dragon Blaze has gone through 5 seasons with interesting plots in the storyline as well as the development of the characters. Gamers now can get ready for Season 6 with new character changes, storylines, and new modes in the game.

Before talking over the upcoming big update, we should mention that Dragon Blaze has just had an update with four new Overlords: Aeci, Inhaeri, Belda and Vuinetta. Coming up with these new characters are special events so that players can easily collect all four characters. As usual, the graphics and design of Dragon Blaze’s characters never disappoint the hardcore fans of this game. However, to deify the four new characters, players have to wait until the upcoming Season 6. It can be said that the launch of this new quadruple is to pave the way for the upcoming big update, helping gamers create their own strongest team before embarking on a new adventure.

In addition to the new storyline, it looks like Dragon Blaze will introduce players to a new alteration system, bringing the whole new power to Bodens. The upcoming update will also bring a new boss raid mode, where players can battle with 4 different teams and up to 24 heroes to defeat the gigantic demons.

You can pre-register for Dragon Blaze Season 6 at http://bit.ly/DragonBlazeSs6 for a chance to receive an Arch Overlord Selective Summon. Season 6 also promises many exciting events such as login for attractive gifts for loyal, new as well as returning players. With its engaging storyline and portrayed in a graphic design, Dragon Blaze is always the first choice for gamers who are passionate about tactics and teamwork game genre.

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