Brand-new platform-adventure title MO:Astray offers playable demo to players for the first time, scheduled for release in 2019

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December 17, 2018

Rayark Inc. hosted “RayarkCon 2018”. During the event, MO:Astray unveiled a brand-new trailer for the game. In addition to showing more of the game’s features, a gameplay demo was also available on-site for the first time. Players were able to get an early experience of the game.

MO:Astray is a platform-adventure game with puzzle-solving elements fused into it. Previously, the development team “Archpray” used the name “Project MO” as the game’s temporary title. In today’s event, they established the official title of the game to be MO:Astray.

The main character of the game is an unknown, blue-green colored creature named “MO”. MO:Astray tells the story of MO’s birth and how he, despite being a bit confused, continues to advance down a difficult path.

The team revealed that the game’s world is set in an abandoned lab of a massive starship and follows our main character MO after he wakes up from a slumber. MO will encounter a series of puzzles and adventures as he progresses through the game. As levels evolve, the diverse collection of lifeforms in the starship will not only display signs of life but also hint at the hidden secret behind all this.

The gameplay is mainly focused on three methods: “Moving”, “Jumping and sticking” and “Controlling”. Other methods can be derived from these three as the environment of the levels changes. In the playable demo on-site at the event, players would control the main character as he traversed through a wide variety of environments drawn in the pixelated art style. Players would feel a sense of fluidity and speed as they cleared the levels.

At the interlude and the ending of the playable demo, the team also put an easter egg from the game and a link to the trailer video that would be revealed later that day. All to build up the players’ expectations for the official release of MO:Astray.


The game is scheduled to be publish on both PC and home consoles simultaneously by Rayark Inc. in 2019.

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