Cytus α for Nintendo Switch is set to release in 2019

Rayark Inc. will release the Nintendo Switch title Cytus α next year. Announced at RayarkCon 2018, the team released a trailer for the game and mentioned that the game will be published in the first half of next year by Japan’s Flyhigh Works.

In the trailer footage, the team also hinted that Cytus α will include “Chapter Omega”, which contains exclusive songs the team originally planned to release for the arcade project. Also included in the game is the song 「CATHEDRAL」, a collaboration track between composers Sta and Ice.

During the event, two songs,「Flame Dark」and「CitanLu」, were available for demo play on-site as well. Players got an early experience of the songs’ brand-new visuals.

As Cytus celebrates its 7th anniversary next year, Rayark Inc. will remake the classic game. Cytus α will be a complete port based on Cytus‘s story settings and classic gameplay mechanics. In addition to the basics, Cytus α will be better refined in terms of visual, interface and story performances. We hope that players can have a refreshed feeling when playing the game.

The team suggested that Cytus α will add many new game features as well. For example, with the DATA system, players will be able to further understand the game’s story and plot clues. On top of that, there is the yet-to-be-revealed new mode too. At the same time, the full motion processing screen during gameplay will also enhance the players’ gameplay experience.


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