Reimaru Files 2019 Update: Expect more New Content

Written by Chad

January 2, 2019

Hey all, this is Chad; the Founder for Reimaru Files and I will be sharing some updates about our website. Since last year, the team wasn’t that very much active with a lot of content and coverage due to large projects and other commitments, we all have to do some adulting duties and RF was primarily a passion/hobby work from the start. But that doesn’t mean we will be less active than before, as the team has rallied up and planned some updates for our usual content and added some new ones to give a fresh take on discussions about gaming and geek culture.

So with that in mind, let’s list down on what you can expect for Reimaru Files in 2019:

Gaming Contents

Yep, we will still have our usual stories and features about gaming, and we will be doing some changes on some of our usual content. We’ll be changing our monthly upcoming games releases in a different format where instead of listing all release dates in a video montage, we will be doing a video highlight on which games that you should look forward to per month. We will also continue doing special Top Picks on certain topics for games to give you more trivial information with a dash of humor.

Geek Contents

Though RF was originally created as a gaming website, we aren’t shy to discuss some geek topics once in a while. So there will be times that we will be discussing about anime especially at the end of each season to show you what we liked about (and sometimes hated). And then there are toys… erm I mean action figures, we will be sharing some news about popular action figures from video game characters whenever we can.

Mecha Fridays

So, what ever happened to Mecha Fridays? It’s still there and we promised to give more weekly Mecha Fridays content every…well Friday. And we won’t just be sticking to Gunplas, we will also be tackling to other mecha topics, now adding some from Transformers and even Tokusatsu.

Review Contents

We will still continue with our reviews for games especially for the PlayStation 4 and PC, plus we’ll be including reviews for the Nintendo Switch and in most cases, mobile games on Android. We will be doing some livestream sessions for the games that we are reviewing to give a preview on the gameplay and adding our initial impressions before we make the final verdict on our review. However there will be some occasions where instead of just giving a full review (especially if the review process takes longer to complete), we will also include Tips to Play write ups for supplementary guides on playing featured games or doing special features on a game’s main highlight.

As for the tech side, we will also continue doing reviews for PC components and peripherals, and lately we are also reviewing smartphones. We will also continue with video contents for the reviewed products’ benchmark and other special features.

As for other products such as action figures, model kits and other geek-related items, we will try our best to produce some reviews for it. So watch out for new reviews that featured these.

Event Coverage

Since 2017, we’ve finally been able to do event coverage outside the country (from Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan) and hopefully we could do more for this year. And you might have noticed that we have been doing less coverage in local events since last year.

We will be doing some changes on our coverage. Starting this year, we will be adding new video content on our coverage that will add some nice touch on engagement from con-goers, of course we will still have our occasional guest interviews whenever we get a chance. Our new target is to feature some community events to help showcase their fandom and what makes their events stand out. And we will be sharing some insights and guides in handling and attending events, whether local or international.

And regardless if there is a convention fatigue or not, we will still going to give a great coverage to show the experience inside the event.

Social Media

We try our best to engage with our readers in social media, whether with (rare occasions) livestreams and coverage updates, we also have our meme posts to add some hint of humor to lighten up the mood. We will continuing our content on Facebook and Instagram to give some updates on our coverage and even on the latest news in the gaming and geek world.

Website Layout

The current layout is still incomplete, but we decided to make another layout overhaul to provide the best reader (and viewing) experience. So in the coming months of 2019, we will be doing some adjustments and changes to the website until it will fully achieved what we trying to aim for. So we’ll ask for your cooperation for send us feedback for any errors or issues that you encounter when you visit our site.

Why do I even bother writing about this?

Well it’s a good way to share some updates about the website and also to show that there are actually real people writing and doing videos about gaming and geek stuff. And it’s also a good way in saying thank you to the readers who have been with us for a long time and we will try to give more content and explore new worlds in the pop culture scene.

With RF be reaching its 8th year, we will still continue in giving more gaming and geek goodness straight from the avid geeks, and we thank you for your continuous support. So let’s start 2019 with a bang with some awesome gaming.

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