Mecha Fridays: 2019 in Mecha Movies

Written by Louis

January 11, 2019

Robots are going to the big screen!

Mecha shows have been seeing more and more love with 2018 bringing us some of the biggest (and even dumbest) high production budget shows, both in show and in film. This year, the trend will look to continue as we expect more sci-fi mecha flicks to be shown on theaters, with some already showing in movie houses near you.

Note: All dates show local premiere dates, and tentative or expected premiere dates.

Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative
January, 2019

A continuation of the Universal Century timeline, Gundam Narrative continues after the events of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn with the return of the Gundam Phenex. In this movie though, both the Feddies and the remnants of Neo Zeon work together to capture a rogue mobile suit in an operation titled the “Phoenix Hunt”.


Wait for real? According to some sources the Western Amalgation of the mecha hit Super Dimension Fortress Macross, known as Robotech is getting the live action treatment with the probable release happening sometime this year. In Robotech, humanity will have to fight off the threat of Alien Invasion with the power of Giant Robots and (hopefully) music, yes MUSIC.


One of the iconic mechas in history getting the live action treatment, rumours about a big screen live action adaptation of the defender of the universe started flying out since 2016 with Universal being at the helm of production. While no plot synopsis have been revealed just yet, the original Voltron series, which is derived from the Beast King GoLion series of Japan, featured five pilots whose mecha units combine to form the legendary robot Voltron. Voltron and its pilots are tasked to protect the planet Arus (and the universe) from the dark forces that try to takeover.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection
February 2019

The return of everybody’s rebellious, angsty teen, Lelouch returns to an entirely new story in the Code Geass timeline, together with other characters like Kallen, Ohgi, and Princess Cornelia. However, the Re;surrection film will follow the Recap film series timeline and not the anime series timeline which, you know what, I haven’t really finished watching Code Geass so let’s just see where this one goes.

Fafner in the Azure
May 2019

Initially airing in 2004, Fafner of the Azure is a story of survival in a post apocalyptic world where children are made  pilot huge mechas to defend what remains of a torn planet. Composed of a series and films set in different timelines, the new Fafner show will first receive a theatrical release before continuing as a series sometime later this year.



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