Gamers raise $2.3million against cancer at All Games Done Quick 2019

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January 15, 2019

All Games Done Quick 2019 is officially a wrap. In what has now been a tradition and a spectacle for gamers, the weeklong AGDQ 2019 event ended with a bang as the charity marathon broke all of their previous records with a total of $2,397,447 in donations and Twitch subscriptions on its final day.

The event has grown from a relatively niche event back its first event in 2010 when they raised $10,532 at a participant’s residence; to its now juggernaut status livestreaming on Twitch amongst hundreds of thousands of viewers throughout the week. Speedrunners who have mastered the ins and outs of their particular game aim to beat them as fast as they can as they encourage viewers to donate for a cause with their skill and entertaining commentary.

Viewers gasped, commented and donated on 130 games throughout the week. The list included modern games such as Nier: Automata, Super Mario Odyssey – which was one of the big highlights of the final day; and even the newly released indie game Guacamelee! 2. Other highlights of the event included a 9 hour speedrun of the classic Final Fantasy IX; a team relay race of the classic Megaman X series; the very entertaining commentary during the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City speedrun; and of course the infamous “Awful games” block covering gaming’s biggest blunders such as Star Wars Episode 1 for the PSX and the relatively unknown but amusing Urban Yeti for the Gameboy Advance. The classic Super Metroid capped the week and is always one of the main highlights of any GDQ event with the“Save/Kill the animals” incentive. AGDQ has not lost a step as It’s the only event when gamers of all generations have something to look forward to reliving old gaming memories and seeing how these speedrunners “break” modern games in ways you never knew was possible

The main beneficiary for AGDQ is the Prevent Cancer Foundation, which is one of the leading health organizations devoted to prevention of cancer. Games Done Quick has partnered with the foundation since 2013 and it never seems to get old for gamers to donate for a great cause.


Article by Franz Francisco Chan

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