Check out Taipei Game Show 2019’s Awesome Booths from Game Publishers

Written by Chad

January 30, 2019

You won’t ran out of games to try out at the four-day event.

Taipei Game Show is one of those events that is worth visiting Taiwan for an entire week. With four days (five if you are also attending their B2B event) filled with exhibits, game demos and merchandise sales, you won’t ran out of things to do inside.

For this year’s Taipei Game Show, more game publishers from around the globe have gathered to showcase their latest and upcoming titles, may it be for the consoles, PC and even mobile. You can find games from top publishers up to the independent developers, but we will tackle the big ones for now and cover the independent scene at a different article. And when these publishers what to make a big impression, they really mean it as each major booth has their own gimmicks that gives a wow reaction to anyone who would visit their area.

First off are the consoles, PlayStation, Bandai Namco, Sega and Ubisoft are all present at the event, featuring their newest titles that you can play or spectate. You can try out the upcoming most anticipated titles such as The Division 2 from Ubisoft, Jump Force and God Eater 3 from Bandai Namco, Catherine Full Body and Judge Eys from Sega, and finally Devil May Cry 5, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Days Gone from PlayStation. Some booths even have special merchandise section for fans to purchase limited edition items or products that have discounted price only exclusive to the event.

Next are the mobile games, there are a ton of games that you can try out, though some are only available in Taiwan in which there might not have an English version or Global server. But it will be worth to check those games in hopes of seeing them getting localized soon. Some favorites at the event include Fate/Grand Order, Dragalia Lost, Honkai Impact 3rd, King’s Raid, Monster Strike and more.

PC Games aren’t left behind as titles like Black Dessert are still making a big impact inside. With special tournaments and other stage activities to hype their loyal communities.

There are also some promising new titles that aren’t from your usual developers and publishers, one example is from JFi Games where they are showcasing the action RPG Dusk Diver which will be available for PC and the Nintendo Switch.

The coolest part when participating these events aside from getting sneak peeks is the free goodies that you can take home. It can be a form of button pins to paper bags or sometimes in-game codes (if you play some of those games) and even red envelopes for the Chinese New Year, or if you are lucky, you could get some premium items such as limited edition shirts or bags.

It was a ton of fun at Taipei Game Show 2019 and hopefully we could drop by for next year


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