Gravity and Auer Media & Entertainment Reveals the Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online collaboration

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February 2, 2019

Global game company Gravity has announced launch of a mobile action RPG called ‘Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online Collaboration’, which is operated by Gravity and developed by Taiwanese developer Auer Media & Entertainment.

‘Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online Collaboration’, which is a third-person action combat RPG that combines mobile game Dawn Break and Ragnarok Online IP, made its first launching in Korea on January 29, 2019.

The game has full of the fun elements of Ragnarok Online such as Stage, Boss Monster, and its graphics as well as the Prontera of ‘Ragnarok Online’.

In addition, ‘Ragnarok Online’ 2D characters will be transformed into well-proportioned figure in 3D for the first time and it will provide whole new experiences to users.

Uses can play the ‘Archer’ and ‘White Smith’ characters to fight against the enemy Baphomet, and get a cute angel ring through the special challenge stage ‘poring Island’ event.

The collaboration was to build a better relationship between two companies and expand its business to the global market.

Dawn Break has been continuously improved the quality of the game based on users’ feedback and also made efforts to adapt an outlook of Ragnarok world and its unique quality.

The Gravity official said that they have plan to update popular characters such as ‘Stalker’, ‘Monk’ and ‘Crusader’ through constant updates and kindly asked users’ attention to ‘Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online Collaboration”.

The ‘Auer Media & Entertainment official said, “I was also a user of Ragnarok Online and it’s very exciting to have collations with a popular game like Ragnarok. Starting with the launching in Korea, I hope all global users can have chance to enjoy Dawn Break X Ragnarok Online Collaboration.”

Meanwhile, ‘Ragnarok Online’ was released in 2002, and it has been one of the most popular games in Korean, Japan and South East Asia. It is a masterpiece that introduce the Korean game power to the world.

Ever since mobile game has become more and more important, many of games with Ragnarok IP have released. Among those games, ‘Ragnarok M : Eternal Love’ made huge success in Korea, China, Taiwan, SEA. After another successful launching from US, Australia, Brazil and Canada has truly made Ragnarok as one of the most successful game in global market.

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