Bayonetta × SMT: Liberation Dx2 Collaboration Event is Now Available

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February 15, 2019

SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI: Liberation Dx2 released a Dx2 in-game collaboration event with BAYONETTA which will run from today until 27 February 2019. Bayonetta joins the cast of Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2, the latest RPG in the SMT series, featuring demon summoning, demon fusion and the Press Turn battle system. Join Bayonetta in her Angel hunt with high quality graphics that take mobile gaming to the next level.


Event #1: All players will receive a ★4 Bayonetta (common)

To celebrate the release of this collaboration event all players will receive a “★4 Bayonetta (common)” upon login.
Event #2: Original collaboration scenario The Umbran Witches

Players can enjoy the original story written specially for this collaboration event. By clearing the collaboration quest, players can earn a “★4 Jeanne (common)”. In addition, during the collaboration event, players can also earn the limited “Halo” item which you can exchange for “★4 Beloved (common)” and useful items at the Halo exchange shop.
Also, by putting “Bayonetta”, “Jeanne”, “Beloved” in your party, the amount of “Halos” received will be increase.
Event #3: BAYONETTA Featured Summons

Players will have a chance to summon a “★5 Bayonetta☆” and “★5 Jeanne☆”, “★4 Bayonetta”, “★4 Jeanne” and “★4 Beloved”.
“★5 Bayonetta☆” and “★5 Jeanne☆” both possess the ability to call upon the powerful “Gomorrah”.
Event #4: 7-day Login Bonus and get over 1,000 gems

To celebrate this collaboration event, 7-day Login Bonus rewards are available, some totaling up to 1,000 gems!

Countdown Rewards Campaign:
To celebrate the release of this collaboration event, all players will receive the following in-game rewards:

  1. Monster Dew × 3
  2. Special Summon File ×1
  3. Gems ×300
  4. ★4 Bayonetta (common) ×1
  5. Ultimate Summon File ×1

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