Plus Attack organizing body reveal troubling issues behind major FPS tournament

Written by Louis

February 16, 2019

Play on WASD cite major troubles surrounding what was supposedly the Philippines’ major FPS Esports event.

Play on WASD, the organizing body behind major FPS event Plus Attack has revealed serious issues that had plagued the event, citing possible legal action against event producers SXZ, and FXZ.

About Plus Attack

Plus Attack, or +Attack, was revealed to be a major FPS Esports event in the Philippines initially announced back during the first half of 2018. Set to be organized by Play on WASD, the event was co-produced by brands SXZ. and FXZ, and was dubbed as the “idea that will revolutionize the Philippine FPS-based Esports”, with a 7-digit prize pool for the game CounterStrike: Global Offensive and as well as major prize pools for other FPS titles, RULES OF SURVIVAL and Overwatch.

The event took place at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City on November 23, 24 and 25 of 2018, and was met with disappointment from the attending fans and as well as pro players, as the tournament was plagued with major technical and production issues.

A much bigger problem.

Although the event was able to pull through during the course of its 3-day run, not much has been heard about Plus Attack ever since late November of last year, up until early this week when the organizing body hired to run the event, Play on WASD cited major issues involving the event, them, and their partner production brands, FXZ ,and SXZ. In a press document from Play on WASD, they have stated that both FXZ and SXZ failed to uphold their side of the agreement, with multiple failures including securing the proper internet service provider for the venue, payment for lodging for the invited players and the production crew, and as well as payment for the venue, Cuneta Astrodome. As per their statement Play on WASD states that they had to advance all the mentioned expenses just to make sure that the event can still push through after months of continuous marketing and promotion. Aside from the issues mentioned, Play on WASD also cites that the tournament winners are yet to receive their prizes from the event, with part of the reason being attributed to both FXZ , and SXZ, the producers of the event, failure to secure the funding.

Play on WASD also adds that they have tried to get in touch with FXZ, and SXZ’s representatives in regards to Plus Attack’s financial troubles, although both brands have said to have “become scarce and have refused to answer” any inquiry or demand in regards to the agreed upon payments. In the meantime, Play on WASD has sought legal counsel regarding this issue, and has also stated possibilities of pursuing legal action should the producers fail to remedy the problem.



Play on WASD has posted the official statement on their Facebook page in regards to the issues in Plus Attack

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