Heir of Light plays big when inviting the Summoners War characters to its new update

What happens when the characters who are the legends in Summoners War appear in another Gothic RPG? The answer will be in the upcoming Heir of Light’s update.

Recently, GAMEVIL has just opened the pre-registration page for the Heir of Light’s 1-year anniversary. Gamers are no stranger to the creator of this game – Funflow and its cooperation with the Top global publisher GAMEVIL on many mobile games.

With the upcoming major update, Heir of Light has revealed its new characters, but no stranger to gamers of the collective RPG genre. They are the symbolic characters of the Summoners War: Archangel and Valkyrja. Despite being originated from Summoners War, these characters are redesigned in the Heir of Light style, bringing a whole experience to gamers.

When pre-registering for this new update, gamers will definitely receive 5★ Select Summon – the biggest give-away prize ever, allow players to choose the 5★ Servant they want. In addition, the pre-registration bonus also includes Loyal Transcendent Summon Stone, bringing in the opportunity so summon 5★ Tank, Healer, Support class.

Right now, you can visit to pre-register for this major update.

Download game: https://app.adjust.com/wr53vpj

For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/HeirofLightGAMEVIL/

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