Heir of Light x Summoners War Collaboration is Now Available

Recently, Heir of Light has officially released a big update featuring two familiar characters from Summoners War. Heir of Light is an epic RPG collection game known for its Gothic style that encompasses the entire storyline, graphics and sound in the game. In this collaboration with Summoners War, Heir of Light also remakes Valkyrie and Archangel with its inherent haunting delicacy, but retains the most characteristic of these two symbolic characters. Therefore, fans of the collecting game genre can immediately recognize the famous characters of Summoners War in brand new looks of the 5 ★ Servants in Heir of Light.

This update of Heir of Light also brings a completely new mode called 20vs20 World Battle, allowing players to take 5 teams and battle against 5 random opponents IPvP Team. Players’ ranks are based on results of each battle and number of defeated servants.

In addition, the player can open the Potential Ability – a new feature that can power up servants in this new update. There are 2 types of Potential Ability : Normal and Special; 4~5★ Servants can obtain Normal Potential Ability and only NAT 5★ Tank Servants can obtain Special Potential Ability. You can unlock, enhance, and change Potential Ability in the Potential Ability Menu.

In order to mark the milestone of the cooperation with Summoners War, Heir of Light will also bring a lot of surprises for its players, by sending it to all players a 5★ Select Summon and those who have pre-registered for this update – 1 Loyal Transcendent Summon Stone!

You can now download and experience this major update of Heir of Light at: https://app.adjust.com/wr53vpj

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