Tips to Playing Kingdom Hearts 3

Written by Allen

March 12, 2019

Kingdom Hearts 3 is here and thankfully after taking care of a few adult things to do, I was able to play and finish. Considering all there is you want to do and need to do on a day to day basis, you probably don’t have a lot of time to sit through everything and try to figure the optimal way to enjoy your favorite title on your own. So why don’t you take a bit of advice from the guy that plays them on a deadline? Anyway, here’s what I’ve learned on playing KH3 that it might not want to tell you directly.


1. The Skip Button is Your Friend

I did not play KH3 to watch Tangled again.


World stories are generally isolated from each other. If you really want to pay attention to the story the KH2.9 segment should more or less cover everything you need to know. Honestly, you probably have watched some, if not all the movies presented in this game. I literally fell asleep waiting for a cutscene to finish at one point. But I eventually started using the skip button as the game throws you enough hints on what to do anyway. You won’t get lost, and you’re just a button away from the action.


2. Show Your Pride

Feels good when they’re a little bit harder to beat.


The harder difficulty is presented as ‘Proud Mode’ for Kingdom Hearts 3. If you want your combat to be more engaging and challenging, this is the mode for you. The stakes don’t feel that high if it’s on the other difficulties. While playing Proud I was forced to make use of and abuse certain mechanics in the game to get through certain bosses. What I’m saying is, you probably want your combat to actually test you, and it felt like I was having a certain form of challenge through this mode.


3. Stack the Stats

This part actually took me a while to realize.


I initially thought using magic type keyblades actively makes you have stronger magic damage and the same when using physically focused keyblades. However, if you check the stat-screen, your stats do not vary on which weapon you have currently active. I tested this against enemies too, and it looks like your damage generally doesn’t change while switching weapons. They all contribute to your attack stats, so if you’re hitting with the combined strength of all your keyblades regardless of which one you have out.


4. I’m in Command Here!

jRPG experiences quickly told this should be tweakable


You may find yourself cursing under your breath for the likely fact that Donald did not heal you on that last second. It’s likely because Donald used up his MP or your entire party just happily spent your potions when they didn’t have to. You can customize how Donald and Goofy handle their MP and the items you equip on them, which saved me a lot of frustration. Make sure to set their behavior to your preference (or just don’t give them potions until boss encounters).


5. Save it for Later

Save the finale for the next wave!


Man, it’d be a shame if your keyblade suddenly ran out of juice because it was still draining its time when you didn’t it. It’s possible to actually save that second form’s active time by simply switching to another weapon. In fact you can do that for all 3 keyblades, which can let you be capable of a lot of things all at once. Or at the very least, help you come up with some pretty odd combos.


6. Extra Cardio

Lack of radar makes it best to keep moving.


I was surprised by how much I could dodge simply by constantly running around. While guarding can also do the job and possibly net a great reward, it’s a lot easier to just dodge. This is particularly useful for regular battles, make use of your movement options to quickly close in on enemies or mess up their formation. Spinning around poles would also pull in enemies easily and helped me make quick work out of the Heartless mobs.


7. Be OP with AP

Stacking damage reduction really pays off against bosses.


Ability Points (AP) is in my opinion, the most precious resource for Sora in this game. Sure, MP helps you cast heal among other useful nukes, but AP just augments Sora in so many ways. Having an ability to withstand a combo without dying or getting that extra jump to reach flying targets, This made fighting very fun and fast paced. On top of that, they don’t have to cool down like MP, you can keep doing all the abilities for free.


If you’re not sure if you want to pick up this game yet, you can check out my review here. Still, I find it to be a fine game despite my issues with it, and I hope my little advice section here helps you get the most out of your play sessions with this Kingdom Hearts 3. Happy slaying.

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