Summoners War SEA tournament successfully wrapped up with lots of surprises

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March 14, 2019

The Finals of the largest Summoners War tournament in Southeast Asia took place on March 9 with lots of surprises.

After weeks of intense qualifying round, 8 players from 4 countries and regions entered the Final Summoners War SEA tournament – South East Asia’s biggest tournament in 2019. Judas and Mr.Touch from Thailand, ༆ Tommy ࿐ and Buồn…! from Vietnam, [Symp] Magnum and Blehbeh from Indonesia, Fenrir from Singapore and [MY]GranZ from Malaysia have entered the knockout stages together. The final result is that ༆ Tommy ࿐, – one of Vietnamese representatives, surpassed Thailand’s Judas with an absolute 3-0 victory in the final and won the $ 2000 prize.

In addition, [MY]GranZ  from Malaysia also took third place, and received a $ 700 prize in this dramatic race.

Com2us also organizes various offline events so that Summoners War fans can witness the tournament and cheer for their national players. The tournament was also broadcasted live on Summoners War Asean Youtube channel and attracted thousands of viewers. This tournament is considered a boost for the Summoners War World Arena Championship and with the great success that SEA players have just obtained, we can absolutely hope for the next glory for the global scale tournament – an annual esports festival of Summoners War.

You can also watch the Summoners War SEA tournament Finals

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