Tekken World Tour Returns for 2019

Written by Chad

March 14, 2019

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia and Twitch, the leading service and community for multiplayer entertainment, today announced the full details of the TEKKEN World Tour 2019.

Entering its third tournament season, the TEKKEN World Tour promises more action, new locations, returning favorites, new tournament categories enabling more players to earn TEKKEN World Tour Ranking Points, and a $185,000 prize pool – with a $100,000 baseline purse for the TEKKEN World Tour Finals.

Twitch will once again be featured as the exclusive streaming destination to watch this competitive gaming league and the managing partner for TEKKEN™ 7 league operations, circuit events, and content on a global scale.

TEKKEN World Tour 2019 kicks off on 20th April, at MIXUP in Lyon, France then continues throughout the year with additional stops in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Australia, amongst others. And, for the first time, official tournaments will be coming to Dubai, Greece and South Africa.

Finals in Asia for 2019

TEKKEN World Tour Finals will come to Asia in 2019 as the world’s best TEKKEN 7players converge upon Bangkok, Thailand to determine who is the true “King of the Iron Fist Tournament” – more information will be shared at a later date. The 20th qualifying ticket for the TEKKEN World Tour Finals will be competed for at the Last Chance Qualifiers the day before. Prospective competitors can register to compete through each regional event’s registration page to begin their fight to the top of TEKKEN World Tour’sleaderboard system.

For more information on TEKKEN World Tour 2019, including the full tour schedule, please visit the official TEKKEN World Tour website at: https://tekkenworldtour.com/.

Tournament Categories


  • TEKKEN World Tour’s max value tournament category
  • Held exclusively at the Evolution Championship Series (Evo) in Las Vegas from 2-4 August 2019 at the Mandalay Bay Resort
  • The Master+ tournament will award Ranking Points to players placing 1st through 49th place


  • Offering high level points for top-tier competitive players throughout the world, these tournaments are the pillars from which TEKKEN World Tour will be built for 2019
  • Master tournament will award Ranking Points to players placing 1st through 25th place


  • These regional tournaments focus on offering opportunities to gain Ranking Points at locations not served by Master tournaments
  • Challenger tournaments award Ranking Points to players placing 1st through 13th place


  • A brand-new tournament type for 2019
  •  Dojo tournaments will enable tournament organisers around the world to apply for their tournaments to be awarded TEKKEN World Tour Ranking Points
  • The points available at Dojo tournaments will scale based on tournament size
  • All Dojo tournaments must use TEKKEN World Tour’s opt-in system on smash.gg for consideration
  • The tournament’s posted rules and format must align with TEKKEN World Tour’s official format (available on tekkenworldtour.com/rules)
  • Brackets for the tournament must be run and recorded with smash.gg‘s bracketology 
  • The tournament size is a minimum of 16 players
  • Depending on bracket size Dojo tournaments award Ranking Points from 1st through 9th place.

Ranking Points Distribution

  • Points earned at TEKKEN World Tour tournaments are awarded according to a Player’s tournament placements
  • The Leaderboard will be establishing a Player’s rank based on the total Points they earned from their 10 best tournament placements. It recognises a player’s best performances from 3 Master+ or Master tournaments, 3 Challenger tournaments, and 4 Dojo tournaments
  • While players can compete in as many tournaments as needed to earn high placements, once they’ve secured three max level results from Master or Challenger tournaments, and 4 max level Dojo placements, no additional results in those categories would count towards their Rank
  • At the end of the TEKKEN World Tourthe 19 highest ranked players will be invited to the TEKKEN World Tour finals in Asia
  • All invited players will have their travel and hotel considerations covered by TEKKEN World Tour
  • The TEKKEN World Tour leaderboard will be viewable on www.tekkenworldtour.comand via the TEKKEN World Tour’s league page on smash.gg.
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