MMORPG TALION collaborates with ULTRAMAN in the latest update

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April 15, 2019

Recently, GAMEVIL’s next generation MMORPG – TALION has just released an update with the appearance of ULTRAMAN – a superhero closely tied with many gamers’ childhood.

‘ULTRAMAN’, Japan’s original superhero, has become a hit again since its release as a brand new anime through Netflix. Along with the return of the ULTRAMAN on the screen, in the world of many years passing since the events of the original Ultraman, we’ll meet Shinjiro who takes over his father’s role and fuse with the “giant of light” to transform into Ultraman when a new set of invading aliens arrives after a period of peace. If you have watched all the revived series on Netflix, you can now directly put on ULTRAMAN armor and fight on the vast battlefields of TALION.

The most noteworthy feature of this update is that you can equip your character with ULTRAMAN costumes. In addition, new ULTRAMAN related quests will be added along with special storyline. The event will also include quest events to celebrate ULTRAMAN collaboration. As the story takes place in the world of ULTRAMAN, players can open a whole new world under Event Dungeon mode. Instead of fighting on the extensive deserts, vast prairies, or dark marshes, you will enter the modern world of the amazing and new Tokyo streets.

In addition, “Alliance Raid”, which is a 90-Mininute Raid, will be added. Alliance Raid will complete when you have killed all Alliance heads or when the time limit is reached.

TALION is a mobile MMORPG that Gamevil introduced to the global market in cooperation with UTPlus. This new big hit is a next-gen 3D open-world MMORPG, featuring 20vs20 large scale RvR battle and a robust character customization system that has up to 48 different customizable components. Following its strong performance in Asia and Japan, GAMEVIL is now preparing Talion for launch in western territories, starting with pre-registration in Australia.

You can now download and experience Talion at

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