Sdorica -Sunset- Celebrates Its 1-Year Anniversary

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April 22, 2019

It’s been a full year since the global launch of Rayark Inc’s Sdorica -sunset-. They’ve kicked off a series of events to celebrate. Starting today (19th), players will receive anniversary rewards by simply logging in. A special gift pack will also be available for purchase within the game.

The 1-year anniversary event “Balzac’s Heritage” also opened this week, which besides providing new challenges and things to explore, also gives players the chance to obtain limited-time icons.

Event Synopsis:

Samuel Balzac was the pioneer of modern Rune research, as well as one of the founders of the Rune Academy. He left behind countless experimental Runes, which form the base for the modern Rune system and provide immeasurable scholarly assistance and inspiration.

Among all that he left behind, the most well-known is the “unfinished magic circle”. Solving this riddle has become the focal point of many scholars’ research.

In order to research the unsolved enigma left behind by the pioneer of Rune studies, Samuel Balzac, the Rune Academy has created a special Wonderland. During this challenging quest, players will need to find various “Ancient Runes” that’ll help you during battle and in your explorations. By completing the level you’ll receive various rewards.

The team also revealed that the “Egotist Infuse” event will be available on the 24th, where a new black character will be released— the genius scholar too smart for his own good, “Morris”. At the same time, the Drop Rate for fellow Rune Academy members “Charle” and “Elio” will also increase.

 An assistant professor at the Rune Academy, and a scholar from the same period as Charle. His natural abilities well surpass his peers, and he’s the leader of the Academy’s Life Magic department. He calls himself a genius, and indeed he’s recognized as one in his specific field of research. He thinks that people who require “hard work” and “diligence” are nothing more than idiots deserving of his mockery.

Conceited and narcissistic, Morris is prone to outbursts of anger and easily irritated. He’s ballsy with his actions and disregards how his actions affect those around him. The only things that interest him are his own research and those who are useful to his research. As an assistant professor at the Rune Academy, he is completely absorbed in the research of Life Magic. He takes Charle, a frontrunner in the field of Applied Magic, as his scholarly nemesis and is determined to prove himself as the superior one.


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