Apple takes a bite at gaming with Apple Arcade

Written by Louis

April 23, 2019

Oh hey look Apple is into video games now.

Smartphone, Gadgets and Computer Hardware manufacturer Apple may have felt that it’s time for them to also kick it up a notch in the video game arena as they have just recently announced their take on gaming dubbed as the Apple Arcade. Set to launch later this year, the Apple Arcade is a curious concept as in contrast to taking Google’s Stadia head on, the Apple Arcade puts more emphasis on bringing more Games tailored to Apple devices, such as the iPhone, and, even though it requires subscription, will not be a cloud-based video game streaming platform so no, no Skyrim for the iOS.

With features such as “offline play” being mentioned, games on the Apple Arcade will most likely be built around the capabilities of the iOS platform although that doesn’t mean that quality is compromised as the initial game lineup is composed of some promising and gorgeous looking titles by smartphone standards such as Sayonara Wild Hearts, Sonic Racing, Beyond a Steel Sky and Oceanhorn 2.

Oceanhorn captivated fans because of its Zelda-like appeal, and it seems like Oceanhorn 2 is also going down the same path.

Other features of the Apple Arcade include Family Access (meaning that multiple people can play or use the same subscription as long as they have an Apple device), No Ads and IAPs and Cross-Platform gameplay which lets you switch between your iOS and Mac devices to continue your game progress. In contrast to other subscription-based services, the Apple Arcade will only require you to subscribe once and access its library of available games which Apple states to include “over 100 titles”.

The Apple Arcade platform will be made available through the iTunes App Store starting this Fall 2019, more news on the pricing and possible subscription tiers, if any, will be made available by Apple in the coming weeks.

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