ASUS ROG Introduces TUF Gaming, an Attractive New Line of Mid-Range Laptops

Written by Allen

April 23, 2019


Asus has just made their first announcements for new units that’s coming for the Philippine market, and it appears that they have tweaked their offerings a bit to make it widen the range of people that can make use of these powerful machines.

This line would be called the TUF Gaming series, aiming to serve the purposes of either more casual gamers that want to keep up with the hardware demands of the scene or those who wish to create media content which typically means graphics and videos. It’s fairly common to see these two interests be in tandem these days, so those who are looking for their best ‘bang for the buck’ option may find these attractive.

ASUS’ TUF Gaming presents to us that this new laptop line emphasizes on getting sizeable power and durability meant easily handle long hours of use, whether it’s for playing the newest released games or leaving it to render your latest unboxing video. All this while keeping the price tag on a reasonable range. They do this by going with AMD Ryzen 7 and combining that with GTX (Turing) for your main components. With exception of the 705DU model, they also focus on keeping the TUF series portable.


Their announced specs are as follows:

Unfortunately benchmark tests are yet to follow, as the finalized version for all of these units have not yet arrived in PH. However, ASUS is confident that these units will be available very soon.


To be honest, I’ve been using a 17’’ laptop for two years now because I’m particular with display size, but that has come with a cumbersome inconvenience of lugging it around. Those 2 inches make quite a difference in terms of weight. If this proves to capably handle overheating, this line would definitely be in my cross-hairs thanks to how much screen real-estate they have even on the 15” model, which I think is a pretty acceptable compromise.

This appears to be their first round of announcements that may have more leading up to the big tech event, Computex. So stay tuned for more!

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