ASUS Updates My Wishlist by Announcing These Monster Laptops

Written by Allen

April 23, 2019


ASUS Republic of Gamers (RoG) has also revealed that they have some certainly powerful laptops set to be released within the next quarter. And boy do they look great.

First up is the Zephyrus GA502. It features a slim design and is shown to have longer battery life. It’s probably the easiest on the wallet considering its components.

This model above shows emphasizes on making the best possible visual experience, this ROG laptop even has supporting functions for its GPU to get even more juice out of it.

As we can plainly see, ASUS isn’t quite finished piling on better components and build quality for an even higher-end model of the Zephyrus line. By now, many are familiar as to just what kind of read speed you’ll get out of relying on SSD storage, and this bad boy has it.

The older Strix line makes a comeback with ScarIII and HeroIII. We’re already familiar how strong the scar is despite it’s size. This time we’re going to see a 240Hz for the smaller variant, as well as the ‘keystone’ feature for both variants. This allows you to quickly change even keyboard configurations just by inserting a ‘keystone.’ It also serves as a way of locking storage safely in case you may have sensitive files you really want to protect.

And finally, the motherlode…

Think Surface Pro, then make it for gaming. That’s mothership. I’m still kind of struggling to call this a laptop. With the strongest components available on the market and a cooling system crafted solely for this monster, finding others like it will certainly be a challenge. It’s certainly difficult to think of a game that might need this amount of power to play, which translates to me as securing all the gaming needs you’ll have for at least half a decade if you ever get your hands on one.

As you can see, these announcements are a bit lacking in detail, particularly the pricing department. At the moment what we really know is that ASUS is aiming at a Q2 release for 2019. But you can be sure that all of these laptops above will way heavily on the wallet, but that’s the price of power.

We’re all very excited to see the final specs of each of these units, and kinda dread the price tag. Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be sharing details when we get them regarding these amazing pieces of hardware.

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