MU Legend: Pre-Registration Begins for the Black Phantom

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April 23, 2019

Webzen has announced that pre-registration for MU Legend’s newest character, the Black Phantom, is now available on the official website.

The Black Phantom is a new human, female mage class with her own unique set of skills and mechanics. She can inflict high damage on a huge number of enemies and can amplify her power with the new Orb of Darkness system.

From 18 until 29 April, players can register their account for the Black Phantom character and receive exclusive rewards such as the Blue Phantom Tiger (Unlimited) and a Character Creation Slot Unlock Item when the update arrives. The rewards will be delivered to players via email as a coupon and can be redeemed on their accounts after the scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, 30 April, 2019 (UTC). To pre-register for MU Legend’s newest class, the Black Phantom, visit:

In addition to the new character, the upcoming massive content update, Gates of Glory, will include a level-cap increase to 80, new Mythic and Epic dungeons, new Noria dungeons such as the Tower of Dawn, Ancient Kanturian Ark and Sleighbowa, and new areas in Noria. The Gates of Glory update, along with the Black Phantom, will be arriving in the game on 30 April, 2019.

Interested players can visit MU Legend’s social media pages for more information related to the Black Phantom, and a new trailer to introduce Gates of Glory is now available on the official Webzen YouTube channel:

For further news and events relating to MU Legend, players can visit the official website: Players are also invited to join the official MU Legend communities and discuss the game on Facebook:, Instagram:, or Discord:

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