Persona 5 The Royal finally reveals release date and introduces new characters.

Written by Louis

April 25, 2019

Time to take your heart.

It is indeed a lovely day for the Persona Phandom as the much awaited news in regards to the new chapter of the Persona 5 series, Persona 5 The Royal is finally revealed to the world by Atlus. Revealed during the Persona Super Live event held at Ryōgoku  Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Atlus not only reveals the release date of the now much awaited title, but also some generous information regarding new characters and story updates.

But first, the trailer.

New Characters!

Persona 5 The Royal will not only bring 1 but 3 new characters into the roster, with the highlight being the red-haired addition to Joker’s Harem  Kasumi Yoshizawa. As per her description from Atlus, Kasumi is one of the new students of Shujin Academy by the time of the events of Persona 5, and is also a Persona user, although her Persona and her Arcana aren’t revealed yet. As far as the screenshots posted over at Famitsu are concerned she is revealed to be part of the Phantom Thieves, although her character description states that while she may yearn for the Protagonist (we’re not sure how, I think we all know how this goes) she rejects the idea of the Phantom Thieves and could also end up being a villain in the story, pretty much like what happened to Goro.

Another new character in Persona 5 The Royal will be Takuto Maruki, Shujin’s newly appointed School Counselor who is also is the bearer of the Consultant Arcana, making him one of the new Confidants of the Phantom Thieves leader.

The third character that will be joining Persona 5 The Royal is still unnamed, however it appears that he will have some sort of relationship with Joker as he is shown to be in the attic of the Leblanc Cafe.

New Story Chapter and Locations

Adding of course to Persona 5 The Royal will be a whole new chapter to the story, expanding more on the lore, and could possibly also add more new characters. Together with this new chapter also comes new locations as the trailer reveals new hangout spots, and even new castle locations.

Persona 5 The Royal will be released in Japan for the PlayStation 4 this coming Oct 31, 2019, however, the English-speaking audience may have to wait a bit more than that as the Western release is slated sometime in 2020.


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