MU Legend Releases Black Phantom with Gates of Glory Expansion

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May 5, 2019

WEBZEN has announced the release of the new content update Gates of Glory for its action MMORPG MU Legend.

Following the Chaos Castle update in November, the unique hack ‘n’ slash action MMORPG MU Legend receives the much-anticipated Gates of Glory update today.

The new content update introduces the Black Phantom class, the 6th class available, to the game. The powerful female mage inflicts wide-area damage and possesses the skill to amplify her power through use of the Orb of Darkness.

The update also brings various additions to gameplay and improvements to existing elements, most notably the extension of the storyline with new areas in Noria and Litenberg and a level-cap increase to level 80, which allows users to explore the new dungeons Tower of Dawn, Ancient Kanturian Ark and Sleighbowa. In addition, Tier 4 Wings can now be upgraded to Ancient Tier 5 Wings in order to gain higher stats, and exclusive Level 80 Unique Weapons can be acquired through crafting the Unique Weapon Chest.

Along with the update, MU Legend introduces the Rebirth system, following the model of WEBZEN‘s popular mobile MMORPG MU Origin. Players can upgrade their characters from what’s now known as their Current Life to the 1st and 2nd Rebirth upon reaching the minimum requirement of Soul Level 300 to create even more powerful characters.

Players can also look forward to improvements to Chaos Castle and to the Talisman System.  The beginning of the official season of Chaos Castle brings along the Chaos Castle Merchant NPC, Phillip, and a ranking system, making Chaos Castle a regular fixture in the game. Newly added Talismans unlock previously unavailable skills and enemies, while Talisman Book Transfer now enables players to transfer Talisman Book information from one character to other characters within the same account.

In addition to the new content, and as requested by users, balance for all classes and certain monster skills has been adjusted, and the dungeon difficulty has been modified to lower the barrier and allow for both single player and party player entrance to dungeons.

To celebrate the arrival of the Gates of Glory update, the MU Legend team has arranged various events: players can look forward to the Black Phantom’s Fortune event that rewards the achievement of level goals with Bound Redzen, and to the Invite Your Friends event that encourages playing MU Legend together with friends through giftboxes and level rewards. A Black Phantom Special Attendance Event, Support Chests for new and returning users as well as Noria’s Expedition Note Part 2 will provide players with valuable growth support items, and server buffs will increase EXP and drop rates even more for fast leveling up.

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