The Razer Toaster is Finally Happening: What Features do you want to see?

Written by Franz Chan

May 6, 2019


Don’t let your memes be dreams.

Have you ever dreamt of waking up in your Razer branded pyjamas wearing your Razer branded slippers and munching on Razer branded toast for breakfast? Well now it can be a reality…well at least the last part.

Razer was one of the first companies to pioneer gaming peripherals such as gaming mice, keyboards and headsets. Their fanbase has grown by a lot in recent years and they have really proven that gaming branded hardware is here to stay.

But what happens when your vocal fanbase takes a meme, builds a community around it and runs with it? Enter the Razer Toaster.


What started as a Facebook fan group of avid Razer fans back in 2013 as a place to share memes, news and as support for “Team Toaster” eventually caught the eye of Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan when he agreed to make a Razer Toaster when the page gets to 1 million likes.


While the page has steadily grown in the past few years, it’s current followers at 44,000 is still a far cry from the 1 million likes that Min-Liang Tan had mandated. However, the movement has steadily grown throughout the years, even prompting Razer to make an April fool’s product video back in 2016 featuring the Razer Toaster page founder Mark Withers and Min-Liang Tan himself.

Nevertheless, the CEO finally budged on April 29, 2019 – counting fans who have tattooed the Razer Toaster on themselves as 100,000 likes each (There are 12 people who have done the tattoo!) which means they are finally making the Toaster.

While it may take “a few years” according to the CEO, it will definitely be a labor of love with the community that has made it possible. It helps that Min-Liang Tan has been very vocal about the campaign and is very active in social media and interaction with the community.

So while we wait for Razer to finish the toasting cycle, we can all merely speculate what kind of features a toaster made for gamers would have:

  • Of course like all of the concepts shown, the minimum feature should be able to toast bread with a Razer logo in the middle
  • Maybe it should have wifi support for remote app control and monitoring using your phone?
  • Should it support RGB leds that change color depending on how long your bread has been toasting?
  • Perhaps it should support overclocking for faster toasting
  • Or maybe it should support Display output via HDMI and DP in 144hz and 240hz so that you can see what your toast looks like in real-time on a bigger screen, gamer style
  • What if it supported Mouse, Keyboards and Gamepads and is actually a mini-PC/console as a secondary purpose?
  • What if it also worked as a bluetooth speaker? Imagine how epic the Toaster “Ding” would be if it had 5.1 surround sound
  • Should it have an AI voice assistant like Google Home, Alexa, Bixby or Cortana?
  • Or better yet, what if we could make toast with Min-Liang Tan’s face on the toast itself? Or better yet make it a video calling device that is a direct line with the CEO himself?

I think it’s inevitable that the product will actually happen and become very successful. And it blows my mind that 12 people actually had a Razer Toaster tattooed permanently on their skin. Those people are legends in my book, for better or worse when you ask them what they think about their tattoos in a few years.

One day you’ll wake up and realize that you can finally achieve the dream of having Toast with a Razer logo on it. And it definitely won’t be cheap, but isn’t fulfilling a lifelong dream essentially priceless?

Don’t let your memes be dreams. Those 12 people who etched Toaster tattoos on their arms definitely didn’t.

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