Lapis x Labyrinth is Available Now!

What’s the forecast looking like today? Well, it’s going to be raining riches because Lapis x Labyrinth is available NOW!

Catch the exciting Launch Trailer in all of its high-energy and stacking glory, then get your copy for PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch!


Start your treasure collection with the “LxLxLE XL” for Switch! (Try saying that fast three times.)

Dive deep into the action-packed dungeons of Lapis x Labyrinth. Bop your head to the tunes of the “Dango Beats” official soundtrack and learn more about the world from the “My Labyrinth Photo Album” hardcover art book. Display your treasures with the Lapis x Labyrinth poster and the “”Mayor’s Special Feast”” and “”Dango Delights”” mini art prints. The LxLxLE is all contained in a collectible box.


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