Cubizone Celebrates 10 Years with the Community and Media

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June 8, 2019

Cubizone Philippines celebrated its 10 years in the gaming industry. Dubbed as Cubizone Community Blowout the event was held last May 31, 2019 at Marco Polo (Ortigas, Philippines).

Gaming Industry Partners, Friends and community were among the guests who attended the momentous event. Cubizone distinguished guests includes Arnold Cabautan of NVIDIA, Benson Te of Mineski, Chad Ting Ramos of Gariath Cocepts, Jaba Orellana of Tier 1 Entertainment, Daryl Sanchez of Enduins. From media and tech communities – Anime Alliance, Arkadymac, Keepsakes, Game News Ninja, Teknigaming and Urbantechnoobs were among the event participants that have gathered for this intimate celebration.

Tons of games and activities were enjoyed by the all and prizes were given away. Participants joined different challenges like darts, toss ring and other board games. Stage games like Pop Quiz, Price is Right and more, tested their team work and mental strength.  VIP Players of Cubizone for games such as MIA Online, Love Dance and more, were able to bond with our Game Masters joined by popular Game Influencers/Streamers Alyssa Mae Lao and Tyke Sanchez. The event definitely paved the way for meaningful connections among all participants.

As part of the program, Cubizone Product Executives discussed current and future game plans that everyone can look forward to. For MIA online, this includes current development plans to launch in different regions such as Turkey, Russia and more, an upcoming cross-server for regional battles, new game content called the “Raya Patch” Update and other Level 90 Updates. Further, MIA Online will also be launching a cover contest of the OST “Empire” titled “MIA ONLINE IDOL: Empire Cover Competition” mechanics to be announced soon. Introduced was an upcoming game-Triple Chain! A game that is a fusion of both puzzle and hero collection. After concluding it’s recent Alpha-Test, Cubizone is excited to share that Triple Chain-a strategy puzzle RPG will be released soon in the same year.

It was a meaningful night. Looking back from previous games–Casvian, Forbidden Kingdom, Final Combat, Forsaken World, Music Man, 9Yin, Love Dance, Dragon Samurai, and many more to name a few. It has indeed been a long journey. Cubizone Community Blowout was not just a celebration but it was a way to say thank you and give back to friends in the industry, and to players for all their support. Cubizone is grateful for achieving 10 years – and counting in the gaming industry.

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