BIOSTAR Motherboards Integrates VIVID LED DJ with Razer Chroma

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June 18, 2019

Biostar joins the Razer Chroma ecosystem which integrates immersive gaming lighting sync into BIOSTAR RACING motherboards with BIOSTAR’s VIVID LED DJ. Take control and express your freedom and creativity in a fully customizable environment, suited to your PC needs. Another reason to trust in BIOSTAR, as its fusion with Razer will bring a cascade of incandescent hues to shimmer throughout your system and peripherals.

Power your way through your favorite game and experience colors sync across your computer, keyboard, mouse and more! Gone are the days where the consumer had to manually set each peripheral and computer, of which takes time, causes frustration whilst at the same time the consumer could be gaming. BIOSTAR together with Razer Chroma is the PERFECT synthesis!

Be fully armed and operational, with the colour palette of your choice. The Razer Chroma module is the hardware component that powers all Razer Chroma devices. This solution gives the ability control individual LED’s with the full spectrum of 16.8 million color options along with multiple vibrant lighting effects and instant compatibility with the Razer Chroma SDK. Using Razer’s cloud based software configuration, Razer Synapse, the Razer Chroma module can instantly synchronize with all Razer Chroma devices simultaneously.

BIOSTAR VIVID LED DJ sync with Razer Chroma

BIOSTAR RACING motherboards utilise BIOSTAR VIVID LED DJ to sync with the Razer Chroma to integrate the intelligent lighting system into our RACING series motherboard. The motherboards include: BIOSTAR RACING X470GT8, RACING X470GTN, RACING Z370GT6, RACING B360GT5S, RACING B360GT3S and the upcoming RACING series motherboards.

How to Join the BIOSTAR and RAZER army, in five easy steps.

  • Step 1. Get a RAZER mouse or keyboard
  • Step 2. Install Windows 10
  • Step 3. Download RACING GT EVO (When you enter the RACING GT EVO, click VIVID LED DJ and you will see it is controlling the on-board LED function).
  • Step 4. Download RAZER Synapse3 (When you finish downloading all the software, please connect your RAZER devices).
  • Step 5. Close RACING GT EVO and run again (You will see RAZER logo is on the right of the VIVID LED DJ now).
  • Step 6. Click RAZER button which is below the LED COMMANDER tap.
  • Step 7. Log in or sign up a RAZER account.
  • Step 8. After login, click CHROMA STUDIO which is between CHROMA CONNECT and CHROMA VISUALIZER.
  • Step 9. Shine up!
  • Step 10. It is time to connect your game! (Click CONNECT which is on the top, you will see your game is on the list).

Once set up is complete, feel the immersive gaming RGB light sync powered by BIOSTAR’s motherboard to the entire computer setup to Razer peripherals. Enjoy a whole new gaming experience from selection of characters to in game reactions and effects. The upcoming BIOSTAR RACING X570 series motherboards will take your game to the next level.

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