Com2uS Summoners War Dimension Hole Massive Update Released!

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June 18, 2019

Com2uS has announced that Summoners War has released the Dimension Hole massive update for the first half year.

The updated Dimension Hole is a large-scale new content that has been introduced to the game in about 10 months, providing users with an advanced PvE battle experience. Each stage is given a unique entrance condition to allow the players to enjoy new type of strategical gameplay. Players can also secondary awaken the previous 2-3★ Monsters.

The Dimension Hole has various stages where the characteristics of previous monsters are reflected in. The Dimension Karzhan filled with the power of beasts and Dimension Ellunia where fairies live in are available with this update.

Players can enter the Dimension Karzhan with only default 4★ Monsters, and the Dimension Ellunia with the Monsters of the same attribute. With this unique dungeon entrance limit, players can form their own monster deck and power up the monsters.

Also, a strong boss monster that uses skills combined by the skills of two summoned monsters appears, and players can get new rewards by defeating the boss stage.

The update offers a new system called “”Secondary Awakening””. The secondary awakening is available for Warbear, Fairy, Inugami, and Pixie which are 2~3★ Monsters. The secondary awakened monsters will get new beautiful and charming appearance, and their stats and skills will be upgraded.

Warbear and Inugami are linked to the Dimension Karzhan, and Fairy and Pixie are linked to the Dimension Ellunia. Players can enter the secondary awakening dungeon of each monster and earn secondary awakening EXP to proceed the secondary awakening.

Com2uS said “”We look forward to see players enjoying the upgraded monster enhancement system and strategical battle through the new content. We will continue to provide high-quality content and service so the game will be loved by the players from all over the world for a long time.””

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