CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL’s Update Adds New Manacrafter Class

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June 26, 2019

WEBZEN announced today the release of its latest content update for the strategic action RPG CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9).

The new content update introduces a new Mystic class, Manacrafter with a new extra class system. Manacrafter is an action-packed female class that slashes enemies with her magic imbued sword. She can attack enemies to charge her Crystal Mana Swords and unleash their power. To unlock the new class, players will need to collect Soulshards while playing various game modes, including the newly added competitive mode.

This update also brings the all-new 4v4 battle mode to compete against other teams. Working together as a team of 4 to defeat the boss monster, each team can unleash major damage down on the boss or use it to interfere with the other team. Only the team who contributed the most damage will win the round and take the prize. Prizes will include the essential material required to create the game’s new Mystic class, Manacrafter.

For further details on these new features, interested players can head over to the C9 official site to read through the update’s patch notes

To celebrate the arrival of the Manacrafter update, the C9 team will be organizing various in-game events running from today until July 8th, 2019 (UTC). The Jumping Event will allow both new and returning players create a new lv. 57 character and receive a Book of Knowledge to reach lv. 63, all packed with additional goods in order to help speed up levelling their character.

In the Costume Extravaganza event, C9 players will have a chance to win fabulous items including Palladium Joker, Sacred Enhance Stone Rank 3, and Rank 8 Protective Crystal for Weapon’s Magic. In order to participate, players will need to equip more than 2 different costume gear parts available from the Costume Box on the Goddess’s Tear Shop, and submit the screenshot to the C9 official Facebook Page:

Additionally, a video contest where users can show off their skill and stylish action has come to the C9 community, and all C9 enthusiasts can enjoy from daily bonus and attendance rewards in-game.

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