BRAVE FRONTIER x TOKYO GHOUL Collaboration Announced

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June 28, 2019

gumi Inc. is proud to announce the arrival of TOKYO GHOUL in BRAVE FRONTIER. From June 26th to July 24th, 2019, Summoners can look forward to summoning their favorite TOKYO GHOUL characters and collecting various rewards available during the event.

Here, we have listed the highlights of what Summoners can expect from this collaboration:

7★ Tokyo Ghoul Unit Summon:

Meet your favourite TOKYO GHOUL characters as they make a surprise entrance into the world of Grand Gaia to join Summoners in battle! Summoners may obtain these Units from the Special Collaboration Summon Gate for a limited time. These Units will be available in their 7-Star forms and can be evolved into their Omni forms.

TOKYO GHOUL characters who will be making a special appearance are:

  • Ken Kaneki

A young man who was engrossed with reading books, Kaneki was quite gentle towards the people around him – sometimes excessively so. It was this vulnerability and gentle nature that allowed a well-known ghoul the opportunity to eat him while they were alone. It was only by sheer chance that he was saved by falling steel beams, only to wake up later in the hospital with his attacker’s organs implanted in him – ostensibly to save his life. It was from that point that he slowly began to experience a gnawing hunger for human flesh…

  • Touka Kirishima

A beautiful ghoul with a double life, Touka’s quiet politeness was a veneer to hide her rash attitude towards her enemies. Few knew that the waitress working in a nondescript coffee shop was actually a ghoul – a secret she labored to keep. So when she crossed paths with an unwilling half-ghoul, she was initially annoyed at his reluctance to embrace his nature. But she eventually came around after a very forceful discussion and brought him to the cafe. She would later on fight another ghoul to stop his diabolical plot, along with a certain half-ghoul…

  • Shu Tsukiyama

A handsome man with impeccable manners, Tsukiyama came to cultivate a reputation of confidence and beauty. He was an infamous ghoul with an eccentricity for the finer things in life – including the human flesh that his nature desires. With his insistence on unforgiving violence to achieve his goals, many chose to avoid him entirely – a matter that he cared very little about. It would be a matter of time before a delectable half-ghoul would cross paths with him, and his appetite would not be denied.

  • Juzo Suzuya

A young man with a very traumatic upbringing, Juzo was tortured by his guardian. After he killed someone for the first time as a scrapper, his stomach reeled for several days, but he eventually recovered as though nothing happened. His sense of morality, however, did not. He was rescued and taken into custody, where he learned to harness his surprising skill in hand-to-hand combat – although he was also framed for atrocities against animals that he did not commit. He was later assigned as an Investigator, taking on the name from his old life and sent to investigate ghoul-related crimes in his own unorthodox manner…

  • Yamori

A massive ghoul with a penchant for inflicting pain, Yamori was initially ordered to capture a powerful ghoul – or one that smelled like her. Together with his compatriots, they raided a small cafe and kidnapped a young half-ghoul who smelled like their target. After a long period of torture with such methods such as placing a centipede in his ear, and despite all of his brutish attempts to eat him, Yamori would eventually face defeat at the hands of his hostage following a bloody fight. As his kagune was ripped from him, he lay on the floor of his hobby room, helpless against anyone who wanted to take advantage…

Tokyo Ghoul Collaboration dungeons

Dungeons are available for Summoners to look forward to as well!


Night with the Gourmet (Available from June 27th to July 23rd)

Be prepared to face a gentleman with the deadliest charm and an exquisite taste for “food.” Face off against Tsukiyama in “Night with the Gourmet,” but make sure to prepare well so you are not eaten in the process!

Summoners can earn Gourmet Tokens by clearing these missions. These Tokens can be used at the TOKYO GHOUL Bazaar for the exclusive Sphere – Rabbit Mask.


The Sadistic Torturer (Available from July 11th to July 23rd)

Ghouls are known to be extremely dangerous creatures, so do not allow this particular one to come near you or the consequences could be dire! He takes pleasure in putting others through unbelievable horrors, so beware of the dangers that may come at the hands of “The Sadistic Torturer.”

Summoners can earn Torture Tokens by clearing these missions. These Tokens can be used at the TOKYO GHOUL Bazaar for the exclusive Sphere – Eyepatch Mask.


Event Bazaar

Gather all your Gourmet Tokens and Torture Tokens from clearing the BRAVE FRONTIER x TOKYO GHOUL dungeons and exchange them for even more rewards! Do not miss your chance to get the exclusive collaboration Unit – Yamori.

The Bazaar will be available from June 26th to July 23rd.

Login Campaign

Log in daily during the collaboration period and enjoy special gifts such as Gourmet Tokens, Torture Tokens, Gems, and Summon Tickets.

Milestone Campaigns

What’s more, work together with fellow Summoners to defeat Tsukiyama and be rewarded with Items such as Almighty Imp Artons, Elementum Tomes, Omni Frogs, and a Summon Ticket!

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