Triplechain: A Strategy & Puzzle RPG,Launches Official Media Channels

CUBINET, a member of 7 Senses Group, has released the official website and social media channels for TripleChain – a strategy & puzzle RPG. TripleChain is a mobile game that is a wonderful fusion of casual to intense puzzle and hero collection. Players need to strategize and battle in an epic puzzle adventure. Drag, Drop and Combo Away!

The game offers challenging story-modes, modern 2D graphics along with PvP and PvE features and many more! The combinations of these features create a new gaming experience for gamers of all ages. TripleChain is FREE TO PLAY.

In TripleChain, players start their journey with one hero in their team of mercenaries. Join the adventure of Lionel, a warrior, who is on a mission to seek for his lost memories. He is joined by an ally named Christina, a powerful wizard. Along the way, they will meet several more companions as they face tougher enemies as they progress through the story in-game.

TripleChain offers a hero collection system where gamers can collect tons of heroes and upgrade them. Each hero offers unique skills and puzzle combos that will help gamers finish stage. There are many exciting and challenging features to look forward to such as lores, upgrading systems, quest and many more!

LINK YOUR PATH TO VICTORY very soon on Google Play and App Store this 3rd Quarter of 2019.

Everyone can follow the Official Website and Media Channels of Triple Chain to get the latest news and updates here:

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