Prepare yourself for Elune this July!

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July 12, 2019

Gamevil is going to release the new strategy RPG: game “Elune” soon this July. To arouse your interest and get you ready, here we have the introduction to the game prepared for you!

Elune is a turn-based collectible RPG that you can collect heroes, form a 5-hero team to go through dimensions, obtain EXP and gears (including weapons, offhands, hats, shoes, rings and necklaces) as rewards to strengthen your team!

What makes Elune special are characters with uniqueness in skills as well as fabulous visual special effects and flashy cutscenes starred by common to legendary-class heroes.

Let’s get to know more Elunes!

In this game, heroes, called Elunes, can be divided into 5 types based on their rarity: normal, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. They also belong to different classes (tank, healer, DPS, etc.) and different races which you will get to know more soon!

And here are all game modes that you will get to enjoy when the game launches:

The game has two major modes. First off is “Challenge” mode, which consists of four sections:

Dimension Rift

  • Overcome the monster waves pouring out from Dimension Rift within designated turns.

Boss Battle

  • Deploy your strategies to triumph the Boss

Heir Battle

  • Challenge your team with other players’ in the PvP mode. Prepare yourself and your Elune to fight with all players.

Chaos Tower

  • Defeat the powerful monsters in each floor


Second mode is “Adventure” where you take your team to fight in dungeons, reveal maps and receive EXP as well as other materials used in upgrading characters. It’s a classic mode that we are all familiar with.

With some characters and modes introduced, if you want to dive deep in Elune world, you can pre-register before the game is officially launched here >>

Pre-registration rewards will pave half your way to victory! You will get Premium Summons (10+1), 100,000 Gold and 10 Aeon. So don’t forget to follow the link above and take this chance!

For more information, please visit:

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