Strike Archer Officially Joins Kritika: The White Knights’ Super-duper Squad

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July 19, 2019

Recently, Kritika: The White Knights has released a new update with the appearance of a particularly interesting character to celebrate its 5th anniversary. The sixteenth character of the renowned hack-n-slash title is Strike Archer, she’s a character that specializes in deadly accurate long-range attacks and single fatal blow. Fighting alongside of Strike Archer on fiery battles is her loyal falcon.

On the battlefield, Strike Archer, with the uneasy support from the falcon, often launches stormy, lightning speed attacks toward the enemies. Strike Archer will be the first Season Class, enabling the effect “A set chance to recover MP after attacking”.

The new update will also provides users EXP Potions and VIP Potions. New EXP Potions provide character EXP upon acquiring them. If a character’s level is 70, Master Level EXP will be obtained instead. Users will receive 34 EXP Potions (L) per account when you log in to the game after this update.


You can now download and experience Kritika: The White Knights’ latest update at:

Kritika trên iOS:

Kritika trên Android:

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